In Which We Band Together and Discuss Nipple Flow.

Look down at your boobs. Now look at the nipple aisle at any baby store. Look down. Look at the massive wall of nipples. Look down one more time for good measure. Wall of nipples. It seems to me (correct me if I’m wrong) that boobs really only have one flow setting. So knowing that there are several different choices when it comes to bottle feeding nipples? I am overwhelmed.

You see, I am trying to keep the bottle feeding relationship I have with Vivi as close to the breastfeeding relationship we were never really able to have. If getting quicker flow nipples is simply a way to get bigger feedings out of the way faster then no thank you! I want to spend all the time possible curled up with my little baby feeding her. Not firehosing it down her throat in an effort to get on with life faster, I have the next 80 years for that crap. Let the time with my tiny baby be the time that goes slowly.

Honestly I haven’t really looked into it (aka asked google) because I figured I’d ask you. Those of you with boobs that have worked and those of you with boobs that have not worked and those of you somewhere in between. Do they really flow faster as your baby requires bigger feedings (side note: Vivi’s going through a growth spurt or she’s getting the serious munchies from California contact highs. CHOW. HOUND.) or do feedings just take longer at this phase before you move onto solid foods and milk intake drops down a bit?

You’d think I hadn’t done this before. But oh with Addie. OH WITH THAT FIRST ONE. Let’s just say I’m lucky I survived. So this time I’m taking a slightly different more proactive approach.

Nipples, to fast flow or to stay slow flow? That is my question.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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