Infantino Sync Wrap Carrier-A Review

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I’ve been working with Infantino over the past few months reviewing some of their newest products. I have loved Infantino since Addie was a baby and the products I’ve had the opportunity to use with Vivi have been really fantastic. The latest and last product I’m working with them on is their new Sync Wrap Carrier. For those of you familiar with babywearing, it can best be described as a Moby/Mei Tai/Ergo combination. It took a bit to get used to, but it is incredibly comfortable once it is situated. For those of you unfamilar with babywearing, you should probably have someone who’s a little more familiar with it to help you out the first time, but in no time you’ll get the hang of it — and this wrap truly does have some of the best benefits of the most popular carriers in one affordable product.

The wrap is similar to a Moby in that the patterned fabric is folded on one side, allowing you to safely slide your newborn into the pouch to keep them safe and close. The black fabric that you use to tie is just as thick and stretchy as a Moby or Sleepywrap and even better, the edges are finished unlike the hemmed edges of the other two wraps. The ability to pull the fabric over your baby’s back once they are in the carrier adds to the comfort and security for both of you.

The Sync is similar to a Mei Tai because once the waist strap is attached, the fabric is brought over your baby and tied the same way as a Mei Tai. The biggest difference is the waistband is a wider padded band with a big adjustable fastener, much like an Ergo. It feels much more secure and there is less of a chance of digging in than with the classic Mei Tai tied waist strap. It fits me very well, as well as my husband, with plenty of room to spare.

The Sync is available for $39.99 and as of now it is only available in one color (a red and black peony type pattern) which is one major drawback. I also wish patterned fabric was double sided. The straps can be worn wide across your shoulders or in and slightly more narrow. A hip and back carry position are also possible but we haven’t quite made it there yet, we like being able to kiss on her head as we wear her.

Completely unrelated? Men wearing babies is probably one of the five biggest turn-ons in the entire world.


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