Introducing Angry Avery

Babies are full of so many expressions. The look on their face usually tells us exactly how they are feeling at any given moment.

I am very lucky to have a little one that is generally happy 90% of the time. She has her moments when she is fussy, just like any baby does, but most of the time she is happy and very easy going (a blessing of the second child.)

With her easy going personality comes a lot of expressions on her cute little face. She loves to give the biggest smiles when you look at her, but let her look at herself in the mirror or in the phone and it’s an entirely different ball game.

I’m going to introduce you to “Angry Avery.” Now, let me explain that Avery isn’t really angry in these pictures. But by the looks of them you would never be able to tell. These are the faces that she gets at random times throughout the day and when she sees a reflection of herself. And as she gets older, the faces keep getting better and better.

Check out all of the “Angry Avery” faces after the jump!

  • What do you mean it’s time to sleep? 1 of 8
    What do you mean it's time to sleep?
    I love the faces that newborns make. Little did I know when I took this very first "angry" face that it would be one of many.
  • Put Em’ Up 2 of 8
    Put Em' Up
    She was just gnawing on her fist and I just happened to catch this moment. She looks as if she's ready to fight me.
  • I’m Going to Eat the Phone 3 of 8
    I'm Going to Eat the Phone
    This is the face she got as soon as I showed her her face in the phone. And at that moment she went to try to eat it.
  • How Dare You Post That Picture of Me 4 of 8
    How Dare You Post That Picture of Me
    Another one of her looking at herself in the phone. I don't know why she gets such an angry face, but it is priceless. I love how wide open her mouth is as if she is so surprised to see someone looking back at her.
  • I’m Coming For You 5 of 8
    I'm Coming For You
    She looks super angry in this picture, but it's just the same old face she gets when she sees herself in the camera on the phone.
  • Hey Now 6 of 8
    Hey Now
    By the look of this picture you would never have known that she was so happy that I took the phone out so she could see herself.
  • Get Me Out of Here 7 of 8
    Get Me Out of Here
    She loved the water, she really did. But at this moment I just happened to capture a face that looked quite angry. Two seconds later she was laughing.
  • No More Beach For Me 8 of 8
    No More Beach For Me
    I think she was getting used to the sun outside, but she sure does look rather angry and disgusted in this picture.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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