Introducing Cody, the Man Who Helped Make Vivi

I can remember sitting at a local pizza restaurant the night my dad first met Cody in 2000. They shared slices of their mini pizzas and when my dad asked Cody what he wanted to be when he grew up Cody responded “I’d like to be an attorney.” My dad’s shock and awe was visibly apparent as the last boy I dated had grand plans to stay out of prison. When Cody asked my dad if he could marry me two weeks later my dad responded with “Imma gonna need another beer.” He then told me “May as well get the first marriage out of the way since the second one is always better.”

Fast forward 12 years later and Cody not only married me, he knocked me up twice and! became a successful attorney.

Take that dad.

Cody has always had a way with words, even with his boring history and legal background, so when Babble was looking for new dad bloggers Cody decided to give it a shot.

You guys, my husband blogs about being a daddy.

The epitome of a daddy blogger.

He’s already admitted to how smitten kitten he is with his ladies and that he’s bound to be surrounded by girls for the rest of his life. He also admits that he’d rather hang out with Vivi than watch football. AWW, YOU GUYS.

A lot of men these days get a bad reputation, especially dads. So many of my friends have amazing and supportive husbands and I’m pleased to say that I have one as well (in full disclosure it took us about 8 years to figure each other and this marriage thing out, STICK IT OUT! IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT!)

Without further adieu, Cody writes about his Vivi baby in his third Dadding post.

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