Introducing My Brand New Baby Girl

While Babble was busy debuting their fancy new redesign, I was busy with a debut of my own…

Say hello to my new baby girl — Harlow Eden!

Harlow was born November 15th at 9:41am, weighing in at 6.13 lbs and measuring 18 3/4″. She has a full head of brown hair and looks just like her Dad. So much so, it’s kind of disturbing.

She is named after my husband’s father Harold, who passed away when my first daughter Mazzy was about nine months old. Her middle name is derived from my maiden name which is Rosengarten. Mazzy’s middle name is Rose and Harlow’s is Eden, as in the Garden of Eden. Get it?

The second birth goes much faster than the first, which is both good and bad. Good because you get to have your baby in your arms that much quicker, but bad because the pain ramps up really quickly and becomes way more intense than you are expecting. Or I was expecting, everybody is different.

But everything should be A-OK once you get that precious epidural underway, right?

Not exactly.

Sometimes the speed at which your baby is exiting the birth canal is so fast that she needs to take a break. And that break is spent resting on a nerve in your left ass cheek. Which is a pain worse than all of your contractions combined. Seriously.

You can read Harlow’s full birth story here, which includes beautiful details like my husband prioritizing coffee over getting us to the hospital (PART ONE) and the whole butt cheek debacle which caused me to beg anybody within arm’s reach (my husband, hospital administrators, random interns) to massage my ass (PART TWO).

Since Harlow is now at home and my uterus is in a stage of shrinking (hopefully), I will now be writing for Babble Baby instead of Babble Pregnancy. And I’ll still talk about my soon-to-be three-year-old daughter Mazzy over on Babble Toddler.

To get things started off right, here are some pictures from Harlow’s very first day on this earth.

  • The Best Photo of Us 1 of 13
    The Best Photo of Us
    This picture was taken by the nurse. I bet she's taken a million of these but I was super surprised by her photography skills!
  • The Weigh-In 2 of 13
    The Weigh-In
    Harlow weighed in at 6.13lbs.
  • The Post Delivery Shot 3 of 13
    The Post Delivery Shot
    Not too bad, right? I took a shower before we left for the hospital and gave birth only 3 hours later.
  • Full Body Shot 4 of 13
    Full Body Shot
    Look at those chicken legs!
  • Little Footsies 5 of 13
    Little Footsies
    Tagged twice and even had an electronic tracking device so that we couldn't lose her.
  • My View 6 of 13
    My View
    NY Presbyterian Cornell has some of the nicer views of the East River. This was taken from the birthing suite.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely 7 of 13
    She Cleans Up Nicely
    This was taken after the nurses washed Harlow off and we were taken to our room.
  • Proud Papa 8 of 13
    Proud Papa
    Harlow is the spitting image of her Dad.
  • Grammy and Sammy 9 of 13
    Grammy and Sammy
    That's my mom and my stepdad meeting their newest grandchild.
  • Extra Soft, MY ASS 10 of 13
    Extra Soft, MY ASS
    You'd think with all the money you pay for your hospital stay, they could at least spring for some Kleenex.
  • The Big Moment 11 of 13
    The Big Moment
    The moment your first child meets your second child is when everyone should have their cameras out.
  • Big Sister 12 of 13
    Big Sister
    Look how happy Mazzy is to meet Baby Harlow!
  • The Money Shot 13 of 13
    The Money Shot
    Mazzy kissed Harlow in the hospital and hasn't stopped since.

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