Is a ‘Sexy Nursing Bra’ a Mom Oxymoron?

Sexy nursing bra
Do you really want to feel sexy when you’re nursing?

So here are all these women these days fighting tooth and nail for breastfeeding-in-public acceptance, screaming at whoever will listen about how nursing is not a sexual act but a nurturing necessity, which is why no one should blink an eye or get all upset if they happen to witness it and call it indecent.

And then there are the folks who decided that sexy nursing bras were in order. It’s not a new thing, as Strollerderby’s Carolyn Castiglia wrote about last fall. But it’s new to me. I didn’t know they existed until I got a press release about them this morning (“THE WORLD’S MOST SEXY, COMFORTABLE AND BABY-FRIENDLY NURSING BRA” was the subject line on the email).

And when I see “sexy” and “baby-friendly” in the same sentence, one word comes to mind: Ew.

I get wanting to be and feel sexy for my husband. But for my baby? Ew.

It’s not like I turn off the fact that I’m a woman with needs just because I’m also a mom who nurses her baby. But I don’t need to combine the two for convenience, comfort or any other reason.

As busy as I might be, especially because I’m still exclusively nursing my baby, who turns 1 next week (sniff, sniff), I can still manage to wriggle out of my nursing bra and into something more appropriate when it comes time for some, uh, adult moments with my husband.

I get the multi-tasking thing. I’m a star at it. But combining sexy and convenient as it applies nursing moms is where I draw the line. And before that email this morning I didn’t even know I had a line.

Do you get the “sexy nursing bra” thing, or would you rather “sexy” and “nursing bras” stayed in their separate corners?

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