Is Crawling The Most Tiring Stage of Babyhood?

Baby G, crashed out in the backpack

Baby G started crawling about 2 weeks ago, and she’s now a whirling dervish baby. She absolutely will not remain in one spot for more than 15 seconds. It’s like the chill, laid back baby I’ve been getting to know since June 27 of last year was abducted by aliens and replaced with a mostly bald version of the Energizer Bunny.

I find this stage of babyhood – from about the time they start to crawl ’til about 15 or 16 months old – to be the hardest stage of babyhood.  That’s been the case with all of my kids. Don’t get me wrong, G’s mad new crawling skillz are adorable to watch, and I love seeing how happy it makes her to be able to scoot around and get where she wants to go. But she is WEARING ME OUT.

Basically, parenting G currently consists of a full time, tag team wrestling match, with Jon and me taking turns until one of us wears out and hands her off to the other.  If we are holding her,  she wiggles and whines and pushes at us until we give her what she wants, which is to be put on the floor. Once we put her down in the sitting position, she immediately flips over  onto her belly and begins motoring around the room, using her modified Audie Murphy crawl.  She has a laser-like focus on quickly and efficiently locating any item we’ve missed on the floor that is small enough for her to grab and stuff in her mouth before we can stop her – whether that’s a Barbie shoe, a stray cheerio, a dead bug or a nasty lint ball. I will admit to being a less-than-stellar housekeeper, but even when I’ve tried my best to make sure that the floor in a certain room is G-proofed, I always seem to miss something that she doesn’t.

Even a week ago, G would sit in one place – the place we had chosen –  and happily play with strategically placed toys. But those days are gone. If G is awake, she is moving.  And if she’s moving, she’s attempting to ingest something she should not. This includes times when I take a blanket out into the yard for us to enjoy the nice weather lately. I spread out the blanket, set out the toys, place G’s little bum on the blanket, and I settle down next to her. Immediately, she flips onto her tummy, crawls right past the toys and off of the blanket, and heads for the grass, which she grabs into her fist as fast as she can because she knows I will stop her from stuffing it into her mouth if she doesn’t accomplish her goal quickly.

The only times she can be successfully contained since beginning to crawl are when I have her in her high chair at a time when she’s actually hungry, or when I wear her in the baby backpack. She luuuuurves the backpack. (See photographic evidence above)  If I need to get something done around the house, I have to wear her in the backpack.

So what stage of babyhood do you find most challenging? Crawling baby? Newborn baby? Pulling-up-on-everything-and-bonking-head-on-edges-of-furniture-baby? Tell me in the comments below.



Article Posted 6 years Ago

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