Is My Baby Crying, Or Am I Just Crazy?

Tell me that it’s not just me. I’ll be making dinner in the kitchen while my husband is giving Cullen a bottle upstairs. I’m going about my business chopping veggies and cleaning pots, and then I’ll hear it.  Was that a cry?  Is Cullen crying? I crane my neck around the corner and turn the music down. Silence. The phantom cry strikes again!

It’s not just at home, it’s anywhere!  When I’m running with Cullen in the jogging stroller and I’m wearing my headphones, I find myself constantly checking on him because I think I hear him squawking.

The worst incident yet was when I was running on our treadmill at home a few months ago. Cullen was upstairs with Casey, and at this point he was still refusing bottles. I jumped off the (still moving) treadmill to grab a drink of water. As I chugged from my water bottle, I thought I heard the cry of a baby. I opened the office door to confirm it, but then I heard nothing. Flustered, I stepped back on the treadmill not realizing it was still moving at full speed.  I crashed onto the turning belt and got a wicked bloody knee and a few black and blue accessories. I felt absolutely nuts.

Now that Cullen is a bit older, the phantom cries are subsiding a bit, so I’m feeling a little less kooky. I’m constantly surprised by how many weird postpartum things happen that no one warned me about. What’s funny is that the only thing scarier than phantom crying is actual silenceIs he breathing? Is he choking? Did he crawl out the backdoor?

To some extent of course, I’m kidding. I’m not really this neurotic. But it does make you feel a bit crazy when you constantly think you hear babies crying in your sleep, at the store, and out on a run. The good news is that usually when I think he’s crying, he’s not!

Have any other moms heard the phantom cry? Don’t let me be the only one!


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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