Baby Poop Problems — Please Tell Me This Is Normal

I write a lot of posts here at Babble that are punctuated with a question to my readers. However, this time, I truly need some input and support from other moms, because I am beginning to sink into a state of worry about an issue we’re facing with Kara.

Kara is not pooping.

At 6-weeks-old, and exclusively breastfed, Kara is going what I would consider to be long periods of time between bowel movements. In fact, her last two have followed the use of infant glycerin suppositories.

Her pediatrician instructed me to start her on one ounce of pear juice per day, and rectal stimulation, which apparently neither do anything for her. He suggested the suppository after she went 5 days last week, and it worked pretty much immediately.

I don’t want her to become reliant on a suppository, so I am waiting her out this time. It has been 5 days today, and honestly, I am freaking out. I am just not accustomed to a baby who does not poop!

Her belly is not distended, she is peeing like CRAZY, and aside from the evening fussiness, she is a healthy, happy baby.

I am particularly worried, because my doctor mentioned Hirschprung’s Disease. Of course, he said it is probably nothing, but since Hirschprung’s was planted in my mind, I am plagued with worry. We will be seeing a GI specialist in March.

I have read that some breastfed babies will go 7-10 days without pooping, due to the fact that the breastmilk is so efficient, and produces little waste.

When Kara does go, it is a lot that comes out all at once. Between poops, she just has horrible, clear-the-room gas.

Of course, every little symptom is worrying me. Google is not helping. I really just sit around praying that she will poop all day.

Please poop, just poop!

Did your infant ever have a pooping issue? Do you have any advice, or insight for me? HELP!

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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