Is Saving Your Positive Pregnancy Test Weird?

A couple months ago I was at a “girls night in” party, and like many all-female parties with guests in their early 30’s, the conversation quickly turned to birth and babies.

Labor and delivery stories were swap, trying to conceive tips and tricks were shared, and sometime during the conversation, the party host went up to her bedroom, and came down with two used positive pee sticks.

I was completely grossed out. Not only did she save her positive pregnancy tests (that she urinated on), she was showing them off at a cocktail party!

While I silently thought to myself that this was completely the most bizarre thing ever, otherĀ  party guest chimed in, commenting on how they too saved their positive pee sticks, one friend even admitting she incorporated hers into a scrap book collage.

I went home that night convinced that I keep really strange company.

Saving positive pregnancy tests. It never dawned on me as a thing to do.

But then fast forward to this week…

I was cleaning out my bedroom “junk” drawer. You know the drawer. The drawer that hides old receipts, stray buttons, fashion jewelry you never wear, ect. I dumped out the contents of the drawer on my bed and started sorting the stuff out in piles. It was there that I found it. An old positive pee stick.

I’ve had four pregnancies, I have no clue what little fertilized egg of mine this belonged to. And while I’m assuming the test is mine, I have no recollection of saving it. Because I don’t save stuff I pee one.

So my instinct says to throw it out. But now, after I realize it’s a “thing” to keep it, I’m wondering if I’m being completely insensitive by being OK with tossing it out. Are my kids someday going to ask to see it? Will I look back and regret that I don’t have it to reminisce the “good ole’ days”?

So what’s a mom to do? Keep it or trash it? And I want to know, did you save yours? If so, where is it now?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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