Is That All There Is?

Is having a baby, all that there is?
Is having a baby, all that there is?

In the last week, I’ve had 2 strangers that I’ve randomly come into conversations with tell me to enjoy my kids while they are little because it really doesn’t get better. Both had kids in their early 20’s, so maybe they haven’t experienced the grandparent stage of life. Maybe?

So these sweet days of having little kids – is that all there is? Does it all really go straight down hill? I know the teens will be hell, but it does get better again, right?  Is all of my teasing of wanting my baby to stay little, really something I should want?

With my older kids – who are 6 and 8 – we are starting to experience the back talk, endless setting of boundaries and non-stop busyness of life. I still enjoy them though. They are funny little replicas of my husband and myself.

I know the teen years will be HELL and I know many nights will be spent crying, but then what? Will I not enjoy them even though I am upset with their behavior? Will I not love them despite their errors in judgement? Will life after little people be the height of it? I sure hope not!

When we set out for 4 kids, we knew what we were getting into, it’s a family circus. Having 2 babies, 16 months apart is hard. Having 4 kids is rough, but sheesh! Even if we were just raising 1 kid – it would be difficult, but I hope that life only continues to get better and more enjoyable with them – they just won’t be babies.

So Are These Strangers Just Out to Ruin My Day? Or In Regards To Having Little Ones — Is That All There IS?


(I couldn’t help but think of crazy Peggy Lee after talking to the last lady!)

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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