Is There a Light at the End of the Death Watch Tunnel?

Peony and Petunia, who is on her very best behavior

I’m not saying I’m about to move Peony into Petunia’s room. Not for a long time.

I’m not saying I’d even let Petunia in the same room as Peony with no adult supervision. It’s still too risky.

I’m just saying that while we’re still in the bowels of the tunnel, there is a very good chance that way off in the distance, I am starting to see a tiny flicker of light.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but if Death Watch 2012 is nearing an end (not to mention Death Watch 2011), I will be eternally grateful. After all, it would really suck if my older daughter murdered my younger one.

Last week Petunia asked for the nth time to get in the crib with Peony. I was about to say no, but I decided that maybe I should take a chance.

I eyed her carefully. I sized her up and down. I threatened and warned within an inch of her life her what would happen if she wasn’t exceedingly gentle.

And you know what? She was. Gentle, that is. Not only that, but the girls had fun in there together. Petunia made Peony giggle. And you could tell Petunia felt like she was kind of a big deal for being allowed in a previously declared No-Petunia Zone.

It’s still not perfect. Petunia still yells at Peony for looking at her the wrong way. She still walks over to Peony while she’s in the Exersaucer and yanks the pacifier out of her mouth. Just because.

But there are small signs of improvements. I’ll take them.

How long did it take for your older child to stop having homicidal thoughts about your baby?

Photo Credit: Meredith Carroll

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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