Is There Such Thing as a Walking Regression?

Just last week I was overjoyed to share with you that Avery was walking. She was going up and down the hallway in our apartment more proud of herself than I had ever seen. We were so happy that she was up and moving around like we had never seen her before!

The walking lasted for two days and then all of the sudden came to a halt and Avery hasn’t been interested since. She doesn’t even want to take a couple of steps. Standing is no big deal and she could do that forever, but when it comes to getting from point A to point B she will bend down on the ground and crawl.

I know that she knows how to walk because we saw her do it for two days. I just don’t know why all of the sudden she doesn’t seem to have any interest in it anymore. She loves holding my hand and walking but when I try to let go she just drops to the ground and starts crawling.

She was so happy last week when she realized that she had learned how to walk. She didn’t fall or hurt herself or anything that would be traumatizing. It just seems that she has lost all interest in it and realizes that she can get to her destination faster by crawling.

I never experienced this with Harlan. As soon as she realized she could walk, she was off and running. Avery is only 10 months, so I know that the fact that she is even walking at all is good. I just would like to learn more about why she isn’t doing it anymore.

Has anyone else ever experienced this? I would love to know your thoughts and advice!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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