Is Your Hair Falling Out? Mine Is.


My baby hit three months and my hair started shedding. I had hoped that with my third, I would be able to skip this dreaded stage. After all, while I was pregnant I never noticed a thicker pony tail or lack of hair loss, so my fingers were crossed that I’d breeze on by. No such luck. Yesterday I read an aritcle on the new Babble Beauty by Sonya Lee Benham that discusses the postpartum hair loss issue from a professional’s point of view – very informative and interesting. I’m here to commiserate with you and  tell you what’s going to happen over the next couple of years. (That image is two days of brushing my hair – ewww!)

When your baby hits three to four months, you may experience an abnormal amount of hair in your hairbrush or on your clothes or in your babies fingers or neck creases or basically everywhere. It’s gross and annoying. For me, it seems to thin more noticeably on my hairline, which is so awesome. This shedding lasts for at least a couple of months, then you get the glorious new growth. Don’t get too excited. The new growth is fuzzy new hair. I just love it when it looks like I have two layers of bangs, one purposely cut and is flattering, another that is all weird and straggly baby hairs and a different length than my cut bangs. But hey, at least it growing, right? There is that. Then there’s getting it the length of your natural hair.

Oh boy, if you have long hair this is going to take some serious time, like years. I’ve got longish hair so I know what I’m in for. I think I might cut it to shoulder length when the baby hits one year and let it grow out from there, making sure I get regular trims to eventually get it all the same length. Most or all of what appears to be missing in your hair should grow back.

I remember once during the grow out phase getting a blowout and the stylist and I couldn’t believe how much hair was growing in. She held the end of my hair with a brush and blew it from underneath and it seemed like half of it was a few inches shorter and was blowing straight into the air. I was glad to see so much of it growing in.

The new growth doesn’t just need to reach your regular hair length and all is good. The ends of the new growth are like fine baby hair. I noticed (and so did my hair stylist) that I had this weird layer of hair coming in with about an inch of unattractive ends. It’s not like these can be trimmed since they are not the same length as your hair, so you have to wait until it’s all the same length, then cut off an inch or two.

Sonya gives some great tips for taking care of what little hair you have left and making it look fuller and helping you feel better about what is going on with your hair. I’m just here to go down this road of hair shedding with you. At least you and your new baby can grow your hair together.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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