Issues! What You Know About Jenny McCarthy and Autism is Wrong

jenny-and-evan-mccarthy-autismEverything you think you know about Jenny  McCarthy and her stance on childhood vaccines is probably wrong. For example, you probably think she’s totally opposed to childhood vaccinations, right?


She thinks the immunizations cause autism, right?


Oh, and her son is austic, right?

Well, yes, that’s right. But also sort of wrong. We’ll get to that.

In the September issue of Cookie magazine, editor Pilar Guzman interviews the outspoken actress and former Playboy model to set the record straight. Cookie magazine is where last year, you’ll recall, actress Amanda Peet likened McCarthy to a parasite, which Peet later apologized for saying.

No hard feelings from McCarthy, apparently, because this is what she has to say about vaccines and Peet:

“I think vaccines are one of the greatest things ever invented. I used to be [Peet] before I had a kid with autism.”

The greatest thing? So what’s all the protesting and advocacy for?

What McCarthy and boyfriend Jim Carrey are working toward (they serve on the board of Generation Rescue) is eliminating any toxins from vaccines and also allowing for delaying shot schedules. McCarthy’s son Evan, now 7, was diganosed with autism at 2 1/2, after suffering hallucinations, seizures and eventually cardiac arrest.

Looking back at his medical history, she said she sees a link between a hep-B shot, some chronic ear infections, a case of eczema — that these might have been signs of immunity issues, which would have been a good time to then delay more other vaccines.

“Vaccinations are safe—dot, dot, dot—for some kids. Vaccinations are not safe—dot, dot, dot—for other kids. Let’s protect the ones who are weak. We are pro—safe vaccine.  Vaccines are just not one size fits all. If you gave everyone in the world penicillin, there would be some adverse effects for some people, and possibly deaths.”

McCarthy also said that she believes Evan has recovered from autism, the result of eliminating wheat and dairy from his diet. She said he’s a social kid with lots of friends and a happy life.

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Article Posted 8 years Ago

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