It's a Bird, It's a Plane . . . It's a Magical Flying Baby (PHOTOS)

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Flying Henry

Few babies will protest when thrown up into the sky by their parents. Whether it’s the thrill and feel of the air rushing past them on the way up and down, or the simple delight of the game, watching babies fly can give you a glimpse into the core sweetness of their imagination and personality.

In an attempt to try and capture the mystery and magic that babies might feel when their loved ones hold them up in the air, photographer Rachel Hulin created shots of her infant-son Henry flying in the summer of 2011.

“It was Henry’s world,” Hulin told Yahoo Shine. “The pictures were kind of an allegory for that.”

The result? Whimsical, ethereal and totally magical photos that have been justifiably making the rounds online for several months. The photos are such a hit that a book of the photos, Henry’s World, will be released next spring.

Take a look at some of the lovely magic of flying baby Henry:

  • Rainy Day Flight 1 of 12
    Rainy Day Flight
    "He was a baby who loved to be lifted up," photographer Rachel Hulin told Yahoo Shine of her son Henry.
  • Fair Flight 2 of 12
    Fair Flight
    "I was always taking pictures of him and I had an epiphany that it would be interesting to try that without another person."
  • Cape Flight 3 of 12
    Cape Flight
    "It was Henry's world," Hulin says.
  • Hotel Flight 4 of 12
    Hotel Flight
    And "the pictures were kind of an allegory for [Henry's world]."
  • Farm Flight 5 of 12
    Farm Flight
    "First we investigate and find a good spot that Henry is interested in," she explained of her process to Yahoo Shine.
  • Shower Flight 6 of 12
    Shower Flight
    "My husband will lift him really quickly and see what pose he strikes."
  • Dune Flight 7 of 12
    Dune Flight
    "I do think it sort of ruins it to tell the secret since it's not such a secret," Hulin said to CNN earlier this year about how she gets Henry to appear as if he's flying.
  • Flight of the Scholar 8 of 12
    Flight of the Scholar
    "People are having fun [with the photos of Henry]," Hulin said.
  • Hall Flight 9 of 12
    Hall Flight
    When Henry was very young, "he just liked to be held up," Hulin said of how she got started photographing her son in the air. "He would just giggle. He loved to be held upside down."
  • Kitchen Flight 10 of 12
    Kitchen Flight
    Hulin also told CNN the photos serve to "represent the mystery and magic" of babies.
  • The New Human Flies 11 of 12
    The New Human Flies
    "Other parents know about this," Hulin said to CNN. "They love to fly their babies, too. They're just not taking it to this degree."
  • Brick House Flight 12 of 12
    Brick House Flight
    Flying Henry will be published on April 9, 2013. Pre-order it on

Source: Yahoo Shine

Photo credits: Rachel Hulin

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