It’s a Boob… Not a Bear Trap!

Freedom in a bottle?

I read a post yesterday written by one of my colleagues on Being Pregnant and it made me stop and think about the trapped stigma surrounding breastfeeding, and why so many people are turned off because they think choosing to breastfeed their child will essentially trap them.

We know, as mothers we need time to ourselves.  Whether it is a movie with our husband, vegging out at Starbucks to do some work by ourselves without the ciaos of home interrupting, or a girls night out.  There is no need to feel bad about going out without your children!  IT IS HEALTHY!

But being a breastfeeding mother does not mean you will never leave the house again, or always have a baby with out because you are their main meal source. Nor should you put that big of a burden on yourself, because again… it simply just isn’t healthy!  We all need help, and a break. We are not super woman, and if you try to do it all you are only going to end up resentful!    Believe me, I have been there!

Of course we love out children, and love being with them, but there is nothing wrong admitting you need a break sometimes. You are human, and you did have a social life before you had your children. If you can remember!

Anyway… back to my point.

You don’t need to feel trapped by breastfeeding, and you shouldn’t feel trapped because you made the choice to breastfeed. There are so many options out there that enable you to leave your baby for a period of time, and still continue to have that little one enjoy the great benefits of breast milk!

With my oldest son, I tried desperately to pump a hand full of times via instructions from my lactation consultant to see exactly why my son wasn’t gaining much weight although he was feeding constantly. It turns out he was getting too much foremilk, and not enough of the hind milk, but that is totally besides the point.

Pumps are your friend!  Whether you get an ounce in a pumping session, of 5 ounces. Every drop makes a difference, and storing it helps to break the stereotype of being forever trapped with your breastfeeding baby, and get out for a little bit.

I have also found through pumping with various different kinds of pumps that the most effective for pumping, unfortunately seem to cost the most. But if you aren’t going to need a ton of milk pumped, a simple hand pump… or even hand expressing milk will work.  What ever truly works best for you!

Have you felt trapped by breastfeeding?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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