It’s The Little Things: 10 Mom Moments I’ll Cherish Forever

When my oldest daughter, Harlan, was born I made sure to write down every single milestone that she made. They were a big deal and I wanted to be able to look back and remember exactly when and where she did them. As time went on I began to realize that it was much more than the big milestones that I needed to pay attention to. There were little moments that meant just as much to me as the big ones and I wanted to remember those forever as well.

As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, I took a look back at some of my older photos to see those little moments that mean so much to me. It’s the little things that they do that I will never forget.

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  • First Ride Home 2 of 11

    I remember the first time we drove Harlan home from the hospital. I don't think my husband has ever driven so slow and carefully in his life. It was the first time we realized that this little girl was fully in our care forever.

  • On My Own 3 of 11

    When Harlan was six weeks old my husband moved to New York City while we stayed behind in Florida so that I could finish out my school year teaching. I don't think I've ever been more challenged or scared in my life. But it was times that this when we just sat and played together with just the two of us that made it all worth while.

  • Exploring the City 4 of 11

    This photo was taken shortly after we moved to New York City. I was so nervous about moving to this huge city with a baby. This was the first time that I took Harlan out in the city by myself. We took the subway to a park. I was so proud of myself for getting out and exploring. We had such a great day that day dancing and singing in the park.

  • Big Sis 5 of 11

    The moment that we announced to the world that we were welcoming another little one into our family and that Harlan was going to be a big sister. She was so excited that I had a baby in my belly.

  • Sister Love 6 of 11

    It's the times that she just gives her sister love and affection for no reason. It literally makes my heart skip a beat.

  • True Patience 7 of 11

    Avery and I were stuck on a plane on the runway of an airport for over seven hours. She was nearly six months old and handled the situation better than I could have ever imagined. 

  • Hugs 8 of 11

    Sometimes Avery just goes up to Harlan to give her a hug for no reason other than to let her know just how much she loves her. Their relationship is so much more than I ever imagined it would be. It's so incredible to watch.

  • Momma Hugs 9 of 11

    This was one of the first times Avery came up to me to give me a hug. I can't get enough of that love and affection all for just being their mom. 

  • Pajama Days 10 of 11

    You know those days when all you do is stay in your pajamas for no reason at all other than to just sit around and cuddle? Yeah, I love those days. 

  • Silly Faces 11 of 11

    Because sometimes all you need is your iPhone and making silly faces to brighten your day. 

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