I've Become an On-The-Go Diaper Changing Pro

Living in the city with so much to see and do, we are always out and about. We don’t have a car, so our stroller is our main mode of transportation. With us being outside so often, there are many times that I’ve had to find places to change diapers.

When I first moved here I was terrified of having to change a diaper in public. I was so used to the comforts of my suburban life. The car was always an easy place to change the baby if I needed to do it. If we were at a restaurant, I could just quickly go to the bathroom and change her. If we were shopping, we were most likely at a mall, so take a quick trip to the bathroom and I’d have the diaper changed within minutes.

Here in the city things are a bit different. With no car, many restaurants that have teeny-tiny bathrooms that almost never have a changing table, and no malls for shopping, you have to learn to be creative with how you change those diapers.

The first time that we were out all day in the city with my oldest I remember going from restaurant to restaurant asking if they had a bathroom with a changing table. All of them either said no, or wouldn’t let me use it because I wasn’t a paying customer (yes there are places like that here.) With no where to go and my daughter in desperate need of a diaper change, I did what any mother would do. I pulled our stroller over to the side of the sidewalk and changed her in her stroller right then and there.

It was a gratifying moment for me as a new mom. I’d learned to quickly get over my fear and do what was best for my daughter, even if it was on a busy sidewalk in NYC. Since that first time, I’ve become a pro at changing diapers on-the-go. I’ve changed her diapers on my lap, on a park bench, and just about anywhere that I can safely and quickly change her.

With our life constantly on-the-go, you have to learn how to be creative in the tough situations.

Where is the strangest place you have changed a diaper?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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