Kara Captured — Photo Diary Month 1

Kara is 1 month old.


This is motherhood — it is life in fast forward. It feels like the moment you give birth to your first child, your life is suddenly moving so fast that you can barely breathe. With the birth of my second, and last baby, I now feel like things are so final. My baby-making days are over, and each baby-milestone I pass with Kara will be my last.

I want to wrap her up in my arms, inhale her sweetness, and stop time. I want to curl up in this moment with both of my children.

Until I can figure out how to do that, I have to take photos. Lots, and lots of photos. This is Kara’s first month of life — captured.

Be sure to read my letter to Kara on Dear Crissy today, as well. Sentimental Mama’s unite!

  • A Few Days Old 1 of 23
    A Few Days Old
    Check out her special little birthmark!
  • Sleeping Sweetheart 2 of 23
    Sleeping Sweetheart
    She was such a snuggle bunny from the start.
  • All Wrapped Up 3 of 23
    All Wrapped Up
    Enjoying some hands-free time in her Moby Wrap.
  • Fresh 4 of 23
    I know she won't be this small long!
  • Swaddled 5 of 23
    She is totally against having her hands bound up in the swaddling blanket. Can't blame her.
  • Getting Some Work Done 6 of 23
    Getting Some Work Done
    Because apparently, I can't lay this baby down.
  • Looking Around 7 of 23
    Looking Around
    Becoming more alert by the day!
  • Boppy Time! 8 of 23
    Boppy Time!
    She doesn't exactly love sitting in the Boppy.
  • More Boppy Time 9 of 23
    More Boppy Time
    See what I mean?
  • Swinging 10 of 23
    There are moments when she loves this thing, but generally, she would rather me not put her down... EVER.
  • Snugglelove 11 of 23
    This is where Kara is most comfortable.
  • Binky? 12 of 23
    She is not a huge fan of the binky, but there are moments when she will take it.
  • Wide Eyed 13 of 23
    Wide Eyed
    I wonder what color eyes she will have? I'm guessing brown, like her brother and me.
  • Sassy 14 of 23
    Love this photo, look at the attitude!
  • Zombie Mom 15 of 23
    Zombie Mom
    Me, on zero sleep.
  • Kara and Evan 16 of 23
    Kara and Evan
    Big brother trying to cope with the crying.
  • Big Brother Checking Out Sis 17 of 23
    Big Brother Checking Out Sis
    He's very interested in her!
  • Little Miss! 18 of 23
    Little Miss!
    I'm still sort of in shock that I had a little girl.
  • We Refuse To Look At Each Other! 19 of 23
    We Refuse To Look At Each Other!
    This was a session filled with adorable outtakes.
  • Look At Those Faces! 20 of 23
    Look At Those Faces!
    I want to squeeze them both.
  • Pretty Girl 21 of 23
    Pretty Girl
    She spends a lot of time in gowns, she can't e trusted with her hands.
  • Hey There! 22 of 23
    Hey There!
    Love this silly expression.
  • Brother Peeking 23 of 23
    Brother Peeking
    My two kiddos... wow, I have TWO kiddos! Be sure to check out my blog today to see more photos, and to read my letter to Kara.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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