Keeping Baby Safe In A Heat Wave

sunHere we are, in hotter than Hades, New York City. I had forgotten how ridiculously humid and awful the summers can be here…until last summer, when I was pregnant, I was here for a week around the same time. Brutal.

I remember a day when I worked in a freezing air-conditioned office all day, then went out for fruity cocktails with my friends in the evenings as the warm balmy air thawed my ice-cold shoulders. Sigh. Those were the days.

Now, I’m just hot and sweaty with hot and sweaty offspring. The heat is so intense, I’ve been a little paranoid about them getting heat stroke and/or dehydration. I did a little research on keeping babies cool in the summer heat.  Here’s what I learned:

  • Provide Shade 1 of 9
    Provide Shade
    Have your baby wear a hat, sit under an umbrella, or other shady area. Duh, right?
  • Don’t leave baby in a closed car 2 of 9
    Don't leave baby in a closed car
    Not ever. Not even for a few minutes. (Also obvious, but some people need reminding) Photo: Flickr/masolino
  • Make sure he’s drinking enough 3 of 9
    Make sure he's drinking enough
    If he's sweating a lot, nurse him a lot, or if you're not nursing give him pedialyte or other rehydrating solution. Interestingly, I read to avoid plain water if they are sweating due to decreased body sodium. Photo: Flickr/narissa's ring
  • Wear loose-fitting, light clothing 4 of 9
    Wear loose-fitting, light clothing
    Light onesies, and light cotton shirts. We bought some clothes at the Hare Krishna store for Shnook's trip to Mexico. Really thin light cotton shirts. Super cute too.
  • Stay inside a cool place during the hottest time of day 5 of 9
    Stay inside a cool place during the hottest time of day
    Noon to three in the afternoon at least. Here it's like ten to five. Seriously. Photo:Flickr/jalalspages
  • Bathe in cool (not cold) water 6 of 9
    Bathe in cool (not cold) water
    If baby's skin should become flushed, cool in a tub or swimming pool, but not cold water since that can stop sweating.
  • Feed on regular schedule 7 of 9
    Feed on regular schedule
    Make sure your baby is eating as as often as he normally would.
  • Watch diapers 8 of 9
    Watch diapers
    Make sure your baby is still having plenty of wet diapers
  • Move the air around 9 of 9
    Move the air around
    Either air-conditioned rooms or at least a room with a decent fan is necessary. Photo: skeddy in NYC

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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