Our 5 Rules for Keeping Christmas Stress-Free

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No Stress Christmas? Yes, Please!

While I really feel I have managed to get over the majority of my people-pleasing traits, at Christmas those feelings resurface. I don’t want to be the one known as the Grinch by not going here or there,  but sometimes you have to stick up for what’s best for your family. Especially when you have a baby (or in our case a baby and a toddler!).

The last few years, we’ve implemented a few Christmas rules that have helped keep our Christmas stress-free. These aren’t easy to keep, but as our family has grown — they’ve become essential in ensuring a happy day for all.

Our 5 Rules for Keeping Christmas Stress Free:

  • We’re Staying at Our House All Day 1 of 5
    We're Staying at Our House All Day
    While we love to go over to see our various family members, the majority of our family on both sides live within 20 miles of us. With 4 kids, it causes too much stress to leave for half the day.
  • Cook Christmas Dinner Together 2 of 5
    Cook Christmas Dinner Together
    Christmas dinner is made together. The older kids get to choose their favorite dish to help cook. We bought Zeke a seat for the table, so he can watch in on the party.
  • Open Door Policy 3 of 5
    Open Door Policy
    Our door is always open, but especially on Christmas day. Every one has such busy lives, like ours - but if anyone, friends or family wants to stop by - come on over!
  • Remember the Reason for the Day 4 of 5
    Remember the Reason for the Day
    While it's so easy to get wrapped up in the unwrapping and festivities, in our house we celebrate the birth of Christ. Each Christmas morning, we celebrate Jesus' Birthday with a Red Velvet birthday cake for Jesus.
  • ENJOY and Make Memories 5 of 5
    ENJOY and Make Memories
    Play with toys. Stay up late. Eat as much as you want. Christmas is 1 day of the year that we spend weeks prepping for. Enjoy it to the fullest, make memories and take LOTS of photos!

These rules have helped the last few Christmas days go off without a hitch. It’s just 1-day a year, that our family is homebound. The days before and after Christmas are crazy seeing those we won’t on Christmas day. Keeping Christmas day sacred makes it that much more exciting to look forward to and enjoyable.

Enjoy your baby’s first Christmas. Even if he or she is too little to enjoy all of the events the day holds, make the best and make memories.

Merry Christmas!

What Do You Do to Keep Christmas Stress Free?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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