Messy Eaters

  • Mr. One-derful 1 of 20
    Mr. One-derful
    A first birthday just isn’t complete without a fistful of cake. Submitted by Tyfani Longmeyer
  • Berry Cute 2 of 20
    Berry Cute
    This little girl’s grin is sweet as pie!
    Submitted by Bobbie Weaver
  • Spaghetti Night 3 of 20
    Spaghetti Night
    “No, not bathtime!”
    Submitted by JoAnn Bienkowski
  • Caught Red-Handed 4 of 20
    Caught Red-Handed
    Looks like this birthday cake was a smash hit!
    Submitted by Elizabeth van Uffelen
  • Seconds, Please 5 of 20
    Seconds, Please
    “So, what’s the next course?”
    Submitted by Cara Treiber
  • Spaghetti Makeover 6 of 20
    Spaghetti Makeover
    “Is my hair messed up?”
    Submitted by Jamie Zientak
  • Getting Saucy 7 of 20
    Getting Saucy
    So good, she’ll eat it off the floor!
    Submitted by Ashley Huntington
  • Spill the Beans 8 of 20
    Spill the Beans
    Good to see she’s mastered the use of a spoon …
    Submitted by Tyler Bartlett
  • Birthday Win 9 of 20
    Birthday Win
    Baby, 1. Cake, 0.
    Submitted by Emma Welty
  • All done! 10 of 20
    All done!
    There’s nothing like an after-dinner stretch.
    Submitted by Cara Otten
  • Got Frosting? 11 of 20
    Got Frosting?
    “Figured I’d get started without you … ”
    Submitted by Jessica Fowler
  • Blue’s Clues 12 of 20
    Blue's Clues
    All the cool kids are wearing the frosting look these days.
    Submitted by Michelle Yates
  • Choco-lover 13 of 20
    Get your pudding face on!
    Submitted by Kimberly Linane
  • Who Stole the Cookie? 14 of 20
    Who Stole the Cookie?
    “Who, me? Couldn’t be!”
    Submitted by Brandon VanBurger
  • Cake Wars 15 of 20
    Cake Wars
    That cake didn’t stand a chance!
    Submitted by Tommy Mozzetti
  • Where Did All the Cake Go?! 16 of 20
    Where Did All the Cake Go?!
    "No second slice? Say it ain’t so, mom."
    Submitted by Alexandra Barcohen
  • Noodle Around 17 of 20
    Noodle Around
    “What? I have something on my face?” Submitted by Rachel Huber
  • Frosting Face Painting 18 of 20
    Frosting Face Painting
    Purple is so this little girl’s color …
    Submitted by Kristen Petee
  • Sugar Overload 19 of 20
    Sugar Overload
    Did a black pen explode? Nope, just cake.
    Submitted by Jennifer Stearns
  • Olive You 20 of 20
    Olive You
    Who says you can’t play with your food?
    Submitted by Cassandra DuBach
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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