Last-Minute Baby Daddy Gifts

For the tech geeks. For the musicians. For the coders, jokers and sweethearts. This list is definitely NOT for the macho men. (Poo-poo to those anyways, something tells me they’ve been naughty this year and it may do them good to receive some coal.) Obviously the mister (as in my baby daddy), is all of the above (except the macho part … oh alright, he has his moments).

Babe? If you are reading this? Don’t think I am giving away all of your surprises. Oh no. Mama’s got plenty more up her sleeve just for you, no internets.

For the rest of you who have a tech loving and/or musician baby daddy, and somehow you have some last minute shopping to attend to? This list shall serve you well. After the jump.

  • iPhone 4S 1 of 8
    iPhone 4S
    There are some things that money CAN buy. Like the latest iPhone for your gadget-loving sweetie who desperately needs one. Because your toddler has dropped the current model in the toilet, the mister himself has driven over it and dropped it in the sink while doing dishes. Of most recent (as in last night), it was peed on! Not by the mister, that would be rather alarming. Apparently, these things, these mostly rather nasty things have occurred to many iPhone/Android user parents. Oh, the fatalities. Now, we're not huge on brands in general, but Apple products — we're talking the basic staples, my friends. The mister is a coder, app-builder extraordinaire and his products are actually iPhone/Android-specific. So. It's good to have the right tools for conferences/meetings and such. Plus? Siri is SO going to be your friend. See that little picture up there about reminders? This could be a new revolution in abolishing forgotten anniversaries and other important dates, etc. etc. etc. Photo Credit: EnnBeeOne3 Social Media | Web | Tech Blog.
  • Mini Fender 57 Twin-Amp 2 of 8
    Mini Fender 57 Twin-Amp
    So. Cute. I first spotted this retro-looking amp at Best Buy and knew it was a winner. I mean, Fender anything for your musician man is a good idea, but that stuff can get pricey — and maybe you have other items on your list as opposed to just one biggie. This bad boy here? It's great for jams at home and I'm already picturing our little man plugging in his electric ukulele, virtuoso that he may very well be. With his genes ... It's in the cards for sure. So who is this really for? Well, mostly the mister, or your mister - but just know it will be a great family gift too. As we all know it's too late for on-line shopping, go to your local music store, Best Buy of Future Shop to hook it up. Photo Credit: Dolphin Music Company.
  • DIY Felted Toque 3 of 8
    DIY Felted Toque
    If you live in a chilly climate like we do, having sexy burly beard helps (them, not you) - but a warm toque will bring a smile (especially if you made it), to their face and keep their noggin warm. Making a toque from felted sweaters is E.A.S.Y. You don't even need a sewing machine, if you do great. Here's an online tutorial (below), if you want to whip it off super fast and are a complete novice in the crafting department. What I've done? When thrifting for wool sweaters (it's important to get all wool or all wool blends that are mostly wool), I picked up an old toque that would fit my misters head. If yours has one, use that as your template/guide. Place it flat on your felted sweater (wash on hot, dry on hot - et voila, shrunk and felted), and cut (a little extra for seam allowance), your half toque shape out twice. Invert to sew or blanket hand-stich with yarn along the outside edges to seam it up. You could get really crazy and cut out a basic guitar shape, (in a contrasting colour of felted wool of course) or music note, whatever your guy is into. Hand-stitch that sucker on the side. Doesn't have to be perfect or fancy. Nor does it have to be fitted to their head exactly. As this picture displays, as long as it's not falling off their head, you're good. Feeling extra craft-goddess like? You could make some texting mitts to match. (Goes well with that iPhone 4S, just sayin'.) I'll let you google that one yourself. PDF tute found here, via Bryh. Photo Credit: C on Pinterest.
  • Scrabble Embellished Picture Goodness 4 of 8
    Scrabble Embellished Picture Goodness
    I totally dig this little DIY picture project. For the scrabble nerd baby daddies who are beloved heros in your household. This tute was originally written as a Father's Day gift, but it's obviously well suited as a holiday gift. You could change the scrabble letters to say whatever you want! Like 'Our Hero' on top of a pic of you and the babe(s)/kid(s). Or, '#1 Dad', or 'We Love You' ... you get the idea. View the tutorial here on the Just Another Day in Paradise blog.
  • One Spot Adapter 5 of 8
    One Spot Adapter
    There are a few brands that make these, like Visual Sound, and Future Shop, which carries several different kinds. The Visual Sound one is the best priced and best rated. So get that one if you can find one. Adapters like this only take up one spot on your power bar and it can power their pedal board too. A cool and useful gift at a great price point. Most retailers carry them for 25 bucks and under. Simply call your local store and ask them what/if they have it in stock and go pick one up! Photo Credit: Mass Street Music.
  • Vintage Vinyl 6 of 8
    Vintage Vinyl
    Vinyl collector in the house? I'm going on the fact that you would already have a turntable then. Scour the great record store in your hood (there's got to be one)! I've even found some gems at the Goodwill. Photo Credit: me
  • Hercules Standard Wood Base Guitar/Bass Hanger 7 of 8
    Hercules Standard Wood Base Guitar/Bass Hanger
    Because this is for you, too. This gift will have all of their pretty instruments hanging up, off the floor, looking good. Bye bye, college dorm look. I bought mine at Best Buy ... you'll be able to find them there or at Future Shop too. Photo Credit: me
  • DIY – The 1-Hour iPad Sleeve 8 of 8
    DIY - The 1-Hour iPad Sleeve
    Using felted ... wait for it ... a felted sweater of course! Automatic, cushy protection, over using regular fabric. The felt will be all the cushion their precious iPad will need. View the complete tutorial here via the Biscuit Monster blog.

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