Latino Bambino: Zumba For The Mom Of A Newborn?

Dancing the weight away.

“Dance away the baby weight with the help of your baby”.

That’s what it says on the Latino Bambino website.

A mom blogger I love recently mentioned Latino Bambino in passing.  This mom blogger, who goes by the handle Crummy Mummy, lives in the UK so I wondered if we’ve got something similar here in the states.

As an aside – go check out Crummy Mummy Who Drinks right now! You will love her.  She’s like Bridget Jones with babies, she’s a brilliant writer (look at me, already tossing around British-type words) and speaks the truth like nobody’s business.  She just had a new baby too!  The baby she’s doing all the Latino Bambino-ing with, obviously.

So Crummy Mummy mentioned this Latino Bambino thing she does and I just now got around to checking it out. If I”m not mistaken (and I know y’all will correct me if I’m wrong) it seems like it’s mostly a British thing? Do we have anything like this in the states? The states… there I go again with the British-isms.

According to the Latino Bambino website, my Henry is old enough to catch the Latin fever:

Latino Bambino is a first-rate dance school based in London, which offers 45-minute Salsa fitness classes where mums wear their babies (from six weeks old and up) in carriers or slings whilst dancing to the pulsating Latin American tempo. Our classes allow mothers to burn calories, improve cardiovascular endurance and posture, and shed-off their post-natal weight whilst building intimacy and trust with their baby. The Latino Bambino classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness and dance abilities and are 100% baby friendly. During the classes, mums are encouraged to work at their own pace and they can attend to the needs of their baby at any time if needed.

But see? It’s a “school based in London”. Do they have stuff like that here in the good ol’ U.S. of A?

I want to bond with my baby whilst (there I go again) dancing to the pulsating Latin American tempo!  What do you know? Where does one go? Are no Americans bonding with their babies whilst dancing to the pulsating Latin American tempo?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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