Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

Fern living it up outdoors.

I live in Portland, Oregon.  Home of food carts, coffee, home brew and hipsters.  Portland is also home to some pretty dreary weather for much of the year.  The upside to the dreary weather is that when the sun does finally decide to show its face Portlanders come out of hiding like ants from under a log – babies included.

This weekend the temperature hit a whopping 80 degrees – unheard of for April in my neck of the woods, so Fern and I headed out to a local park to walk the trails with a friend and her two kids.  We thought it would be a fun way to soak up some sun while getting in a bit of exercise, but what ensued was a series of unfortunate/hilarious events.

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Our outdoor adventure started out with promise.  Fern and my friend’s kids had just woken up from short naps and seemed to be in good moods, so we got them set up in the jogging strollers and headed off down the trail.

About five minutes in Fern began wailing.  Luckily I brought along her carrier, so I put her on my chest and continued along pushing my empty stroller.  My friend had some luck with her little ones for awhile, but eventually we had to take a break because her 6 month old was fussy and wanted to eat.  So while she fed the baby, Fern and I along with her three-year-old headed walked a little further and in the process she began running and skinned her knees.  We walked back and now my friend was changing her baby’s diaper.  So here we are:  Me carrying a baby who’s crying by now, a three-year-old crying from skinned knees and another baby naked on a bench in the middle of the trail.

Eventually we got the crying under control and headed back toward our cars, both of us carrying babies and pushing empty strollers.  Not exactly the way we planned for the sunny afternoon to go, but even so we couldn’t stop laughing!  It was just one example of how parenting doesn’t always go according to plan – one of many more similar experiences to come I’m sure – and I’m already learning that if I’m going to make it through I’m going to have to have a sense of humor.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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