Least Selfish Mom Ever Lies Perfectly Still for 5 Months to Save Unborn Twins

Babies are worth not showering for 5 months, but, oy, not showering for 5 months?!

Most moms would do just about anything for their children, whether they’re in utero, toddlers, teens or fully grown. But some take it just a little bit further than others.

Lisa Copley was barely pregnant with twins when her doctor said she needed to go on strict bed rest, according to Café Mom. Anyone who’s even been on bed rest knows how dreadful that can be. But imagine your bed rest lasting for five months. And that it’s so strict that you literally can’t even get up to shower.

That’s what happened to Lisa Copley. Five months of bed rest, no shower, no movement. Nothing. Which means her muscles started to atrophy to the point where she was rendered unable to walk, and she got a skin condition that caused her to break out in hives.

Lisa’s bed rest was a result of a cervix so thin that bed rest was the only option to carry her babies to term (the thin cervix was as a result of scar tissue from a procedure she’d had years earlier to remove abnormal cells). And deliver the babies she did, by the way (THANK GOD) when she was 35 weeks along.

Lisa and her babies are doing just fine. But boy, those babies had better watch out when they get older. Because if I did what Lisa did (and I honestly don’t think I could not shower for five months), I’d be all like, “I remained bedridden, motionless, and unable to bathe for five months in order to give you life, and you can’t clear the table?”

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