Let Your Baby Monkey Around With the Drool Monkey (Review)

Avery is smack dab in the middle of teething. The drool, sore gums, crankiness; she’s got it all. I am always looking for ways to help soothe her pain. Usually I just give her a teething toy to chew on which is great for the time being. But within five minutes both she and the toy are covered in drool.

When I was searching the internet for teethers for Avery I ran across the Drool Monkey. Not only is it so stinking adorable, but it is the most versatile teether I have ever seen. It’s made of 100% certified organic cotton making it completely safe for your baby to chew on.

Avery has loved to chew on it and we’ve started taking it with us everywhere we go. But not only has Avery found the Drool Monkey incredibly useful, so have I, which makes it the best teething product I have ever encountered!

Check out all of the ways you can use the Drool Monkey after the jump! 

  • Rattle 1 of 9
    The adorable monkey head on the Drool Monkey has a rattle in it. Avery loves to chew on it because it is very soft. She also loves to shake it for the great sound that keeps her entertained.
  • Nursing Cover 2 of 9
    Nursing Cover
    There have been plenty of times that I have walked out of the house without my nursing cover. I'm not comfortable nursing Avery in public without a cover, so the Drool Monkey has come in handy. It is large enough to comfortably cover both Avery and I. Just hold one of the corners (which I couldn't do to take this picture) while draping the other your shoulder and your baby can nurse comfortably and you can feel comfortable nursing in public without fear of exposing yourself.
  • Blanket 3 of 9
    With fall here very soon, it means that the cooler weather is on the way. We are outside most of the time and I always bring a blanket with me just in case. With the Drool Monkey, I no longer have to bring an additional blanket. It is large enough to cover her and keep her warm.
  • Teether 4 of 9
    The Drool Monkey is made from custom-woven 100% organic cotton. The moisture absorbent fabric catches the drool while your little one gnaws on it. If you tie a knot in one corner it makes for an even better place for your little one to chew on to help soothe the pain from teething.
  • Stroller Sun Shade 5 of 9
    Stroller Sun Shade
    Living in the city, we are always on the go and Avery is almost always in a stroller. That means that she frequently takes naps in her stroller as well. The Drool Monkey is so big that it acts as a perfect stroller sun shade to keep the bright sun from directly hitting her and allows her to sleep peacefully while on the go.
  • Gum Soother 6 of 9
    Gum Soother
    With Avery's first tooth expected to break through the gums at any moment, she has a lot of teething pain. I love that I can grab an ice cube and tie it in the bottom corner of the Drool Monkey for her to suck on. The material is safe for her to put in her mouth and she her gums start to feel better from the ice.
  • Lovie 7 of 9
    Avery always has to have something to hold while falling asleep. (Don't worry, as soon as she is sleeping I always go in and get it from her.) The Drool Monkey makes a perfect lovie for her to cuddle with while falling asleep at night. The fabric is super soft and she loves to hold it against her skin.
  • Burp Cloth 8 of 9
    Burp Cloth
    There is nothing worse than having your little one spit up on you right after you are finished feeding them. No longer do you have to change your shirt after a feeding because the Drool Monkey can also be used as a burp cloth. If your little one does spit up on it, just pop it in the washing machine to clean it.
  • Hankie 9 of 9
    Drool Monkey Organics also carries organic Hankies. I love these hankies because they are perfect to bring on the go and wipe Avery's mouth with. I also use them with my toddler for a runny nose or if I need to wipe her mouth. I love that they are soft enough to clean a baby's face and can easily go in the washing machine for proper cleaning.

The Drool Monkey comes in two different styles, a boy monkey and a girl monkey. The 100% certified organic cotton fabric helps prevent drool rash, which was great for an incredibly drooly baby like Avery. If your little one is in the middle of the teething stage, the Drool Monkey is a must have!

The Drool Monkey retails for $32.00. To learn more about the Drool Monkey, visit their website.

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a Drool Monkey for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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