Let's All Give Baby G a Standing Ovation!

No matter how many times you observe the first year of development with individual human infants (for me, this is baby #5), it’s still just as fascinating each and every time. When will they roll over, sit up, crawl, pull up, and finally – take those first adorably wobbly steps in the upright position?

As we get closer to the 12 month mark (G’s first birthday will be June 27), I feel like everything with her development has suddenly shifted into high gear. She’s doing new tricks at a really rapid pace now – something new almost every day.  This morning’s surprise was when we were sitting together on the floor in our front hall, and she suddenly crawled over to a toy that sits about 1.5 feet off the floor – like a little musical table – grabbed the edge of it and sloooooowly pulled herself up. Then she stood there, clutching the tabletop, swaying uneasily in this new standing position, and looking as pleased with herself as if she had just scaled Mt. Everest or something.

So it’s official! Ten month old G is pulling up now, and standing, as of this morning.

This was the first time I’d seen her even try pulling up and standing with no help, so in thinking about those mysteries of how babies learn and grow these first 12 months – I found myself wondering, what was it about that precise moment that made her decide to just go for it? What was she thinking when she suddenly crawled up to that toy and hoisted herself up on wobbly babylegs?

Not only was I really excited for her that she had mastered a new skill – and she was clearly very proud of herself – I also welcomed the pulling up because it portends walking. And frankly, both Jon and I cannot wait for her to walk. As I’ve mentioned before, I find this late infancy crawling stage to be THE single most exhausting phase of baby/toddlerhood. The constant chasing her down and digging stuff out of her mouth is frankly wearing me out. I feel like all I do is wrestle with her whenever she’s awake. I know that I will be chasing her around just as much once she’s upright, but she’s also be able to actually play with her 3 year old sister more easily, and her line of vision will not automatically include the bowl of catfood on the floor that I very much don’t want her to eat.

G’s physical development continues to be pretty interesting to watch. For one thing, she doesn’t do a lot of practicing before she masters a skill. She just suddenly starts doing it – like the pulling up today. Also, she STILL cannot get herself into a sitting position from a lying down position. She can roll over, crawl like a baby Ferrari, move from sitting to crawling position, and now she can pull herself up. But if she’s lying down on her front or back, she cannot get herself into the baby Buddha pose – the sitting position.

Did your babies have any developmental quirks or anomalies like this? Where they acquired certain milestones completely and inexplicably out of order? (Walking before sitting, for example). Tell me in the comments below.



Article Posted 7 years Ago

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