Let’s Obsess Over My Babies’ Language Development Now, Shall We?

I allow myself some obsessions each week and today’s is all about my babies’ language development. Clementine is 3-months-old and Sandy is 7-months-old. What’s normal?

Clementine does a lot of squeaking and sound bursts that we affectionately refer to as “the barking.” She’ll let out a high-pitched squall and people literally jump and look around for where the noise comes from. Slowly the bark is getting replaced with longer vowel sound gurgling. Sometimes, it even sounds as though she’s saying whole words. For example, on my blog I just posted, “Several times Asia (the girls’ amazing babysitter) and I have run over to the other to ask “Did you hear that? Did she just say ‘I want some pizza with anchovies’?” And the other will say “That’s EXACTLY what I just heard too!”

According to the National Institute of Deafness and Communication Disorders (NIDCD), by 3 months a baby should be cooing and making pleasure sounds. Check. She should also have a special way of crying for different needs. Check. And that’s it. So Clementine is right on target. Fantastic.

Sandy has 4 months on Clementine and will now repeat a lot of sounds for me. They include “ba-ba,” “bye-bye,” and “ma-am.” According to the NIDCD, a 6-month-old baby should babbles in a speech-like way and uses many different sounds, including sounds that begin with p, b, and m. Ahh, that totally explains how bye-bye and ma-ma are emerging. That’s a check. I’m totally going to try “p” sounds with Sandy this afternoon.

Source: NIDCD

Photo: istock.com

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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