Lets Talk About Abbys Forehead

Abby's Forehead
What letter do you see?

By the way, has anyone noticed Abby’s birthmark? I haven’t mentioned it because there’s been so much else to talk about, but now that I’ve got a sec, I want to know if you guys can see her birthmark. Take a good look at it here; I’ll tell you what it looks like to me after the jump.

When she was born, I thought it was a bruise from her endless trip around my pubic bone. (Did I mention the two hours of active pushing, the pitocin prescribed by the midwife to “put more oomph” into my contractions, and the millimeter-at-a-time progress that nearly made my husband lose his marbles? Yes?) I described her as beautiful but bruised to the people I spoke to right after the birth, but when the mark on her forehead hadn’t faded two weeks later, my pediatrician said it was a wine-stain birthmark like the “butterfly kisses” on her eyelids and “stork bite” on the back of her neck that would fade over the first year.

My friend Stephanie says she has a friend with a similar mark, and it only shows up when she’s angry or upset. I must admit, I already find the image completely adorable my daughter giving an emotional toast at her sister Penelope’s wedding, and just as she wobbles into tears (she is, after all, a Keyishian), a giant J pops up on her forehead. Aww!

So now you know, I see a J. My husband says it’s more of an O, which my stepson Eli loves because one of the characters he likes to draw is a three-eyed alien, and the shape of that third eye has taken up a lot of his brain-power lately. That his baby sister has the shadow of the actual item (in his imagination) is about the best thing to happen since Wicked went on tour.

Plus, the idea of something that can appear on a forehead, like magic, feeds into his Harry Potter obsesh.

Anyway, I’m holding fast to my opinion that it’s a J. I’m just glad it’s not a full-fledged, raised hemangioma Penny had that on her upper lip, and it sometimes seemed like it’d take over her flume before it finally shrank and vanished, leaving only a faint pink kiss below her nose. (We called it her Chuck Mangione. Feel free to borrow.)

What do you see on my baby’s forehead?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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