A Letter to My Baby


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    My Huckleberry Friend,

    Once upon a time, there was a girl with a hole in her heart the size of you.

    Once upon a time, there were prayers and pleadings, and quiet achings, and patience. So much patience.

    Once upon a time, there were tests and doctors appointments, discouraged brows and determined faces.

    Until magically, once upon a time, there was a little pink line, and a soft, fluttering heart beat.

    And when you were finally here, pink and squirmy in my arms, the Heavens above whispered to me that you were meant to be mine — all mine — for at least a little while.

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    Dear Evie-Lou,

    Last year on Mother’s Day, I was beaming because I already counted myself as your mother — even though you were only the size of a peach in my tummy. We were already bonded, and I felt so close to you.

    When you were born, your heart rate was too fast. They put you close to my heart, and soon, my heart calmed your heart. I love that sometimes I’m still the only one that can comfort you. I love that you want to hold onto my hands and put them by your face to fall asleep.

    When you were born, and we found out you were a girl, I was elated. Don’t worry, I’ll love your brother(s) too … but your aunts and I … we have so much to teach you.

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  • A Letter to My Baby 3 of 7

    Dear Henry,

    I always dreamed about having a little boy. Always.

    A dream, a hope, a heartbeat, a barely decipherable sonogram, a flutter, a kick … And now here you are. Finally. I can hardly believe it.

    Can you imagine waiting for years and years to meet someone you know is waiting in the wings? But I did it. I waited and waited, kept my fingers crossed and then, like magic, you came to us to be with our family. You have exceeded every single dream I had about you.

    Yes, you are my sweet, little baby who grins at me and already tries to talk, but you’re so much more. You are a life waiting to happen.

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  • A Letter to My Baby 4 of 7

    Dear Evan,

    I’m writing you this with tears in my eyes. You have already brought so much love and life into our world and you are only 5 weeks old! I look to the future with impatient excitement. Wondering what kind of person you’ll be. I can’t wait to play and talk and see you grow right before my eyes.

    I find myself staring at you while you sleep simply in awe of how perfectly perfect you are. Just thinking about your inquisitive expressions and constantly moving, cute little arms makes me smile. And if I kiss you one more time, your father and brother are going to start to get jealous!

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  • A Letter to My Baby 5 of 7

    Dear Gordon,

    I promise to protect you from your sisters until you can defend yourself. I promise to cut your hair even if you get those sweet little baby boy curls that mothers find so hard to snip. I promise to play cars and robots even though I don’t get it. I promise to let you climb and try not to show how scared I am. I promise to bring you to the ocean where you will run and swim and eat hardily before falling asleep to the sound of rolling waves. I promise to accept your likes and dislikes, unless, like your dad, you don’t like lobster because that is just insanity, and I will not have it … I promise to champion you discovering your passions. Ceramics, golf, or trombone, we will find what you love most in the world.

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  • A Letter to My Baby 6 of 7

    My Dear Fuzzball,

    This will be our first Mother’s Day together, and since I am your mother, I have a few things I want to tell you.

    First off, let me apologize for your brother. He loves you, he really does. Even though he is often rough with you, his hugs are legitimate.

    I also want you to know that I love it when people say you look exactly like me. I love the expressions and sounds you make. I love your smiles and gestures.

    I want you to know that you will forever be my little Fuzzball. Thanks for making me feel proud to be a Mother every day, not just Mother’s Day.

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