Life at Two Months

My little cherub, snoozing away.

Baby Girl already celebrated her two-month birthday. Where does the time go? For me, it tends to go especially fast since the “newborn” window is so brief. My babies are practically inflatable, just give them a little (OK, a lot) of breast milk and they puff right up.

My first baby doubled his birth weight in two months, jumping from six to twelve pounds. Baby Girl hasn’t quite done that, but she’s outdone him in her own right. I think I’ve got a little—or not so little—back-breaker on my hands. But, oh, she’s a good one.

Here is our two-month breakdown: A summary of how things are going in this new life we’re building as party of four. (Slideshow included!)

Size of baby: Baby Girl is now 12 pounds, eight ounces and is 23 and 3/4 inches long. This puts her in the 90th percentile for both weight and height. Watch out! (Did I mention I’m only five feet tall?)

Weight gain: At birth, she weighed seven pounds, four ounces. So, she has gained five pounds and four ounces in just two months.

Disposition: Very easy-going and easy to please. She asks for very little, especially compared to my first, and just wants to be held and nursed and snuggled from time to time. She would be hard to improve on!

How she’s sleeping: Sometimes Baby Girl still likes to nurse every two hours. But judging by the above information, I think we can spread it out a little. I’m trying to hold her off for a three- or four-hour window between feedings. So far, so good, except for just before bed when she likes to cluster feed a bit. I wish this kept her asleep longer but it’s still about four hours until I’ll feed her again. She doses on and off throughout the day, and I’m wondering when I should start putting her on a loose schedule in hopes that she’ll go to “bed” before midnight.

How she’s eating: She is still nursing, and nursing well but refuses the bottle, to my disappointment. Sometimes she chooses to nurse only on one side for about 11 minutes, and then she’s done. Sometimes this will keep her going for another three hours, but it seems she’ll usually want to eat again in two.

What she’s wearing: Baby Girl is definitely out of her newborn clothes, and many of the 0-3 month outfits we have are already getting snug. This makes me happy I bought so little clothing for her—she’s only in them for a matter of weeks. We get by on a slew of  cute hand-me-downs from my nieces, lucky us. Still, she’s only worn classic onesies and footed jammies. I like to keep her nice and snuggly … meaning no baby jeans for the time being.

Milestones: At around six or seven weeks, Baby Girl started gurgling to get our attention. The gurgle has matured into a sweet little coo, which she likes to work on anytime she makes eye contact. She is eager to communicate, and smiles frequently.

Likes: Being held, swinging, rides in the car, “talking” and being bathed. She has always liked bath time.

Dislikes: Getting dressed, having her diaper changed, and maybe getting too much attention from her adoring older brother.

How I’m sleeping: More like how I’m not sleeping. Unfortunately the babe doesn’t fall asleep until close to midnight, then is up to nurse again at 3 or 4 a.m., and up again at 6:45. She’ll then go back to sleep, but that’s when I hear from toddler, meaning it’s time to start the day. So, we’re trying to move up her natural bedtime to at least 10 p.m., but she’s resisting.

My weight loss: I’ve lost about 25-30 pounds since giving birth, but I still have a good ten pounds to go. I think at least five of those pounds might be breast milk. That might be wishful thinking, but it feels true.

If you saw us today: Me: Hair back in a bun, dressed in a loose-fitting long-sleeve tee and maternity skinny jeans with snakeskin flats. Walking into preschool, I sling the infant carrier over one arm, and the other hand is holding my toddler’s. His preschool bag is also in the mix somewhere. Her: In a pink, velour footed onesie with peter pan collar. She’s tucked underneath a stroller blanket with a western, horseshoe motif.

Best moment with baby so far: Birth, for sure. But her little gurgles, coos and smiles make me melt. She is a happy baby, and a complete joy.

  • My People 1 of 6
    My People
    My toddler will take any chance he can get to hold his baby sister. Since he's had a nasty cold, I've had to limit contact quite a bit--and it isn't easy!
  • Got Cheeks? 2 of 6
    Got Cheeks?
    Snuggled in our Boppy. I love how those cheeks rest near her shoulders.
  • And Even More Cheeks 3 of 6
    And Even More Cheeks
    I can't believe just how chubby those cheeks already are at just two months. And I love how her arms are only as long as her head.
  • Mommy’s Day Out 4 of 6
    Mommy's Day Out
    My husband had a surprise day off and I was able to make a last-minute appointment for a cut and color. It took three hours, and it was so needed ... in more than one way.
  • Ouch 5 of 6
    Chubby little legs after getting their eight-week-old vaccinations. Seeing her cry breaks my heart.
  • My Sidekick 6 of 6
    My Sidekick
    I do a lot with Baby Girl resting over my shoulder, like this. I'm pretty sure we were eating lunch in this shot. I'm also getting my groove back when it comes to typing with one hand.

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