Little Ducks Organics Baby Food

IMG_3870One of my hipster Brooklyn friends sent me a baby gift and when I opened the box I was expecting to find some hand woven wall hanging made from hand spun wool and found objects/sticks that I would be required to hang on the baby’s wall. I was pleasantly surprised when I found several cartons of Little Duck Organics baby food. I’m known for appreciating practical gifts, after all this is my third kid and I don’t need any more toys. Upon further inspection, I noticed that this isn’t just any baby food, of course not. It is super hipster Brooklyn-born organic fancy schmancy baby food, eye roll.

The packaging is really bright and happy and got the two older kids interested. Before I knew it my three year old boy had busted open a package of the Tiny Fruits freeze dried pineapple and mango he saw the pineapple picture on the front and had to eat some. I decided to give one a try and became immediately addicted.  Crazy good flavor. The tiny fruits are for one year and up so I let the older kids snack away. I had to have a tiny fruits intervention because the two of them could not stop snacking.

Next, I hear my seven-year-old reading the box, claiming that the mighty oats baby food has seeds in it to plant in our garden. What? It’s the gift that keeps giving. So now we get to plant lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes from our boxes too.

To top it off, the little containers of the Mighty Oats baby food are compostable. Admittedly, I don’t have a composter, but living in LA has it’s perks. The sanitation department has three bins, one for garbage, one for recycling, and one for greens, which anything compostable can go into.

The Little Ducks Organics is turning out to be baby food awesomeness, but the real test is letting Atticus give it a try. The consistency is kind of like other baby Oatmeal, but this one is organic, GMO free, gluten free and has all these grains like quinoa, buckwheat, chia, millet, and more in addition to the fruit. I just added the amount of water or milk for his preferred consistency and watched to see what happened. He started doing that bounce in the seat and waving of arms and moaning for more. I couldn’t get it in his mouth fast enough. For dinner I told my husband to try another flavor, this time coconut banana, and he went wild and ate it all again. I’ve let him try each of the three flavors and I get the same reaction LOVE.

My husband suggested we text the company (the container says to do so!) and ask if we can be sponsors. We can start a baby eating blog featuring our children devouring the Mighty Oats and Tiny Fruits.

Thank you N for the super cool gift and turning us onto Little Duck Organics baby food!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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