Little & Lovely with Lauren: Northwest Modern Nursery

I’ve always loved home decorating. I love searching for the perfect item for a space and arranging things into little vignettes that make a room feel cozy and like a place you want to be. This is probably why I became a wardrobe and prop stylist — it fulfills many of my interests in one outlet, but I digress.

After I shared the nursery I created for Fern the other day, I was asked by Babble’s editors if I’d like to do a nursery-inspiration series, to which I immediately responed, “Yes!” Thus, “Little & Lovely with Lauren” is born!

The idea is that all of you readers will submit your ideas for nursery themes and I’ll work them into inspiration boards that will give you a jumping off point for creating the nursery of your dreams.

Today, I’m starting off with a theme that was suggested to me on Twitter and that is:  The Northwest.

Obviously, living in Oregon, I adore the aesthetic of the Northwest. The first things you probably think of when you think of Oregon and The Pacific Northwest are: trees, lumberjacks, plaid and rain. While, these things are definitely all a part of the culture here, I didn’t want to get too literal with this theme, so I decided to give it a modern twist.

Here is what I came up with for a Northwest Modern themed nursery…


  • DIY Log Side table 1 of 20
    DIY Log Side table
    I'm all about saving money where you can when decorating a room, and DIY projects are a great way to do this. This log table would make a great DIY project for this nursery and could later transition to other rooms of your house if you wanted.
    Tree stump table DIY from The Art of Doing Stuff
  • Oeuf Sparrow Crib 2 of 20
    Oeuf Sparrow Crib
    The clean lines and modern simplicity of this crib are fantastic and the walnut finish helps it to keep a bit more casual, where in white it might be a bit too modern for this room.
    Oeuf Sparrow Crib ($730.00) from All Modern
  • Gold Faux Taxidermy 3 of 20
    Gold Faux Taxidermy
    Forest animals and taxidermy definitely scream "Northwest", but it can be a bit overdone. This resin deer bust in its playful gold color adds a bit of fun to the room while still staying with our theme.
    Faux Taxidermy ($129.99) from White Faux Taxidermy
  • Joya Rocker 4 of 20
    Joya Rocker
    The clean lines, yet undeniable "cozy factor," along with the walnut base make this a perfect piece for this nursery.
    Rocker ($895..00+) from Monte Modern Nursery Furniture
  • Gentle Fox Print 5 of 20
    Gentle Fox Print
    This print plays up the woodland animals found in the Northwest in a cute way.
    Print ($10.00) from Nan Lawson on Etsy
  • California Gold No.1 Mountains Print 6 of 20
    California Gold No.1 Mountains Print
    This print is beyond fantastic and ties in perfectly with this color scheme.
    Print ($30.00) from Lab Partners
  • DIY Tree Mobile 7 of 20
    DIY Tree Mobile
    Armed with a handful of supplies and a bit of effort, you could make this great mobile to create a comforting little forest for your little one to enjoy.
    Mobile DIY from You are My Fave
  • Gran Black Tree Pillow 8 of 20
    Gran Black Tree Pillow
    Trees are synonymous with the Northwest, which makes this little pillow perfect.
    Pillow (€35.00) by Elisabeth Dunker from Fine Little Day
  • Fire Kit Lamp 9 of 20
    Fire Kit Lamp
    This quirky lamp will make for fun indoor camp outs with your little one.
    Lamp (€130,00) by 5.5 from Skitsch
  • Jellycat Woodland Raccoon 10 of 20
    Jellycat Woodland Raccoon
    These Jellycats stuffed toys are ridiculously cute and SO soft. My baby has one and it is easily her favorite.
    Stuffed Toy ($20.99) from
  • Somewhere with You Print 11 of 20
    Somewhere with You Print
    Sweet and simple print for baby's wall. I love the subtle trees woven in.
    Print ($12.00) from Sibling on Etsy
  • DIY Teepee 12 of 20
    DIY Teepee
    From what I've read these teepees are actually easier to make than they look, so why not try your hand at this DIY? It would be a great piece to have in your nursery and would make for a wonderfully, cozy, little play or reading nook.
    Teepee DIY from Baby Blackbird
  • Rolling Storage Crate 13 of 20
    Rolling Storage Crate
    The antique look of these crates adds a bit of texture and depth to this room to keep it rooted.
    Storage Crate ($88.00-$118.00) from Serena & Lily
  • City Pendant 14 of 20
    City Pendant
    I adore this light fixture and the way it adds a simple and much-needed pop of color to our room.
    Light ($69.00) from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
  • Vintage Woodgrain Yellow Crib Sheet 15 of 20
    Vintage Woodgrain Yellow Crib Sheet
    This crib sheet ties in the yellow/gold pops of color that have been brought in throughout the room and the woodgrain pattern is perfectly Northwest.
    Crib Sheet ($38.00) from Baby Lovin on Etsy
  • Magical Thinking Triangle Chain Rug 16 of 20
    Magical Thinking Triangle Chain Rug
    The patten on this is perfect. I want this for my grown up room!
    Rug ($49.00-$89.00) from Urban Outfitters
  • Dark Mountain Photo 17 of 20
    Dark Mountain Photo
    You cannot (or at least I can't) have a Northwest-themed nursery without giving a nod to Oregon's lovely Mt. Hood.
    Print ($15.00) from Cre8ivepix on Etsy
  • Cloud Pillow 18 of 20
    Cloud Pillow
    A subtle nod to the Northwest's rainy weather.
    Pillow ($56.00) from Colette Bream on Etsy
  • Vintage Black Modern Dresser 19 of 20
    Vintage Black Modern Dresser
    Everything about this dresser is perfect for the room. This is a one-of-a-kind, but you could find anything with similar lines in black and it would work. Going to thrift stores, yard sales and the like is a great place to find big furniture items like this and you can always make it your own with a coat of paint or changing up furniture legs and hardware.
    Dresser ($700.00) from The Muffincup Boutique on Etsy
  • Sunset Arrow Set 20 of 20
    Sunset Arrow Set
    Arrows in a grouping are a good alternative to plants if you have a black thumb like me.
    Arrows ($45.00) from Fletcher and Fox on Etsy

Have a nursery theme you’d like to get inspiration for?

Please submit your nursery ideas to:


Lauren Hartmann is the founder of The Little Things We Do, a blog about life and adventures in Portland Oregon. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook, or catch up on all of her posts here on Babble.

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