Little Sister Fights Back (PHOTOS)

Being a little sister is tough. I wouldn’t know because I was the oldest. But I do remember tormenting my sister all of the time. (I might still do it.) But I imagine that being a little sister can be difficult sometimes. Especially when all you are capable of is laying down on your back and moving your arms back and forth.

I’ve told you many times how great of a big sister Harlan is to Avery. But sometimes she is just a little bit too helpful and wants to be all over Avery all the time. I can tell that Avery is annoyed by it, but up until a couple of weeks ago, she was so helpless and couldn’t do much to get back.

Now that Avery is officially on the move, she is doing all that she can to use this crawling thing to her advantage. And one of those things is getting revenge on that big sister of hers. No longer is she poor defenseless little Avery. She is now Avery the big bad crawler that will go to any lengths to find Harlan and torture her the way that little sisters should.

She might be younger and much smaller, but don’t count her out! Check out some of the moments that I’ve caught Avery getting back at her big sister after the jump! 


  • I’m All Over It 1 of 7
    I'm All Over It
    Harlan was quietly watching a movie after school and Avery crawled over to her and attempted to climb on top of her to pull her hair. Of course she didn't really hurt her, but what was so funny was that Harlan did not seem phased by it at all and continued to watch her movie while all of this was going on.
  • In Your Face 2 of 7
    In Your Face
    While attempting to take a nice photo of both girls, Avery reaches her hand into Harlan's face and just starts hitting it. I love the raw emotion from both of the girls in this shot because Avery looks like she knows exactly what she is doing and Harlan loves every single second of it.
  • I’m Gonna Smack You 3 of 7
    I'm Gonna Smack You
    Harlan and I had a slumber party on our floor the other night and in the morning Avery came and joined us on the floor. Avery loves playing with the wooden spoon. When Harlan went over to cuddle with Avery on the floor, Avery grabs the spoon and starts hitting her on the back with it. Again, Harlan wasn't phased by this at all and Avery kept going for about five minutes.
  • Pull Your Finger 4 of 7
    Pull Your Finger
    This is probably one of the only times that Harlan was really disturbed by what Avery was doing. And I'm not even sure what it is. I think she was pulling on her fingers and attempting to put them in her mouth to bite and gnaw on them. Harlan wasn't pleased with being the newest teething toy.
  • Bite Your Arm 5 of 7
    Bite Your Arm
    Teething at it's finest. This is one of my favorite shots of the girls. Harlan went to go lay down my Avery. As soon as Harlan puts her arm across Avery to cuddle her, Avery grabs it and starts to go to down biting it. Harlan thought it was the funniest thing in the world.
  • My iPad 6 of 7
    My iPad
    Things could get a little messy with these two when it comes to that darn iPad. Harlan loves all of her little games on it and Avery loves the allure of the bright lights and amazing sounds. Avery was not going to let anything stop her when it came to getting this iPad. Even if it meant crawling on top and over Harlan to get it.
  • Give Me Your Hair 7 of 7
    Give Me Your Hair
    One of Avery's greatest tricks at getting her big sister back for all of those moments she's just a little too rough is pulling her hair. Harlan was trying to cuddle Avery by practically laying on top of her. Avery didn't like it that much so grabbed a chunk of Harlan's hair and started pulling. I don't think I've ever seen Harlan get up so fast. I love that Avery looks so full of pleasure from the joy of pulling Harlan's hair.

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Disclaimer: These are just silly situations I’ve found both girls in. In no way am I promoting violence between my girls. No one was hurt and this was all in good fun. 

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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