LOL Parenting

No matter how many children you have, it will never fail that something will slap you in the face with a “wow, I really don’t know everything about parenting”.

Parenting is a comical series of mistakes and lessons learned. Just like all things in this life, there will be good times and there will be bad times.

Since no one hands you a book on “How to Parent”, we are left to figure much out by ourselves by asking for advice or searching Google for answers.  And then after finding those “answers” you learn that every answer doesn’t apply to every child.

So what are we parents to do?

We’re to laugh. That’s all we can do.

This week in LOL parenting, my husband and I just had to laugh. We had our 6 year old throwing a tantrum. Our toddler, who had croup was bark coughing and crying. All while our baby was screaming with a nice
how-to-parent load in his diaper. No matter what I could of Googled, would there have been an answer. It was either cry or laugh. I did both.

“The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” – Mark Twain

Every comedian is looking for comedy gold. If you are a parent, you know comedy gold. There is a strong chance that your family slightly resembles the Simpsons’ or the Family Guy’s families, accept funnier and non-cartooned.

Some people get the LOL approach to parenting, like my friends over at Knock Knock. They have taken LOL parenting to a new level with their Parenting Flashcards Yes, flashcards for parents – BRILLIANT! These words provide new meaning as a parent. Each flash card has me cracking up at how true these words apply, and only because I am a parent. Check out Parenting Flashcards:

Poo Finger 1 of 6
Tell me that you don't know what poo finger is. Well now you know what to call it!

Parenting Flashcards from Knock Knock
Stroller Envy 2 of 6
It use to be purses, now it's strollers.

Parenting Flashcards from Knock Knock
Blowout 3 of 6
"Blowout" will never be the same after being a parent.

Parenting Flashcards from Knock Knock
Co-Sleeping 4 of 6
Before kids I thought this was sleeping with the opposite sex. Kind of like co-ed. But nope, another new word for my parenting dictionary.

Parenting Flashcards from Knock Knock
Childproof 5 of 6
Just wait until your sweet little baby is mobile. This word will haunt you.

Parenting Flashcards from Knock Knock
Baby Sign Language 6 of 6
Until you see your child demanding "MORE" by pushing his fingers together, you may not believe this. It freaked me out when my child actually followed my cue.

Parenting Flashcards from Knock Knock

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a new parent, check out Knock Knock’s Parenting Flashcards. While there is no “How to Parent” book, they also have a book out called, How to Traumatize Your Children.

What Have You LOL’d At This Week With Your Kids?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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