Long Summer Days of Instagram

Those ones that are full of sticky ice-cream appendages, dirty feet, and raggedy hair.

Half nekkid babies and joyful grins. For a baby in their first year, the summer-time is bursting with discovery and ripe with newness.

New activities, new foods, new friends, new development.

Where, for our little family, the days are long and splendid. Especially the weekend ones. Sometimes we laze about, but mostly we putter over chores and spend all of our time with our babies.

A typical weekend (this one, of particular – being our last), for Lil’ Abner, after the jump!

  • Imma Come Getchou! 1 of 14
    Imma Come Getchou!
    Into my open, waiting arms. Of nowhere else I'd rather be.
  • Raggedy Ann 2 of 14
    Raggedy Ann
    She's having none of it. The walking yet, that is. So far, she loves crawling and has no desire to walk or play at it. Spaghetti legs are all we get. Also? Yes. My baby is dirty. As she should be.
  • Snarfle! 3 of 14
    That's kind of the noise I make at watching them play together without tears, poking, pushing yanking and other general sibling mayhem.
  • She Would Eat Him… 4 of 14
    She Would Eat Him...
    If she could. His biggest fan (aside from us), as you all can now clearly see. Don't mess with this duo, I'll tell you what.
  • Book Love 5 of 14
    Book Love
    Abby has just mastered the turning of the pages and will spend large chunks of time pouring through books, only munching on them sometimes now.
  • & More Book Love 6 of 14
    & More Book Love
    This picture reminds me of how much I can't wait to paint my little girl's toenails! Oh yes, it's SO on!
  • 1st Cherries… 7 of 14
    1st Cherries...
    Of the season. Of which Abby got her 1st fill of, in complete delight.
  • Selfie 8 of 14
    As the photographer, I don't have too many photos of me with mah bebes. Something I've been aiming to fix, hence lots of selfies lately. Sorry Instagram feed.
  • I Die. 9 of 14
    I Die.
    You probably just did too. I mean, really - right?
  • Tuckered Out 10 of 14
    Tuckered Out
    Taken a mere few minutes before Abby crashed out on her brother, and her let her - with his hand on her leg and vice versa.
  • Barrie Life 11 of 14
    Barrie Life
    This, from the small city I live in - the daily view my little ones get to soak in on bike rides and walks. Living only moments from the water - this is the season for living my friends!
  • Feeding Frenzy 12 of 14
    Feeding Frenzy
    I love watching Abby's little face light up with joy when she throws fist-fulls of breadcrumbs out into the water for the ducks to come and graze upon.
  • Rainy Day 13 of 14
    Rainy Day
    Undeterred by summer storms, it's music and crafts for this little gal. She may not fully get the whole glitter and feather/glue action - but a uke? Oh, my baby girl gets DOWN.
  • Lashes For Days 14 of 14
    Lashes For Days
    Tired and thoughtful, this quiet (momentarily) little bebe must be thinking about all of the awesome that was her weekend, no?

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