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Diaper bags…

They are one of those necessary evils of parenthood. And thankfully since I became well versed with children when my nephew was born in 1996 they have gotten far more easy on the eyes!

I can’t imagine if I had to trek around with a pastel Winnie the Pooh diaper bag everywhere I went.

When I had my oldest son I got a stylish diaper bag from Babies R Us that was shiny and simple to clean, at least the outside of it. After two kids, I realized the only place it actually belonged was in the garbage.

It didn’t matter either way because we weren’t going to be having anymore kids so… whatever right?

Yeah, then Addie decided to grace us with her presence. And maybe in a couple years diaper bags got way more stylish, or maybe I was just looking in all the wrong places when I was pregnant with my oldest son but it was like a whole new world of bags!

Backpacks, totes, diaper bags that actually looked like a run of the mill purse!

Pockets up the wazoo and all kinds of amazing features, and I was floored.

I ended up getting a SkipHop as a gift at my baby shower, and I love it!

I wanted to go through some of the most popular, and stylish bags available to moms today!  You do not have to be saddled with an ugly diaper bag because you are a mother now! I promise!

Check these out!
Which is your favorite?

  • SkipHop Dash 1 of 13
    SkipHop Dash
    I had to put SkipHop first, because it is the diaper bag I use daily. When I saw the Cherry Blossom print while I was pregnant with my daughter I fell in love. It is also extremely function able! Check out SkipHop Diaper Bags here
  • The Diaper Dude 2 of 13
    The Diaper Dude
    I love this option for Dads, because lets face it... how many guys really want to carry your stylish yet girly diaper bag you don't want people to know is really a diaper bag? Check out Diaper Dude here
  • JJ Cole Swag 3 of 13
    JJ Cole Swag
    Is it a diaper bag?
    Is it a nice purse?
    But it is big enough to carry around all the stuff you need to have with you when you are taking care of a baby!
    My favorite diaper bags really are the ones that do not look like a diaper bag at all! Check out JJ Cole here
  • Bumkins Grande Diaper Bag 4 of 13
    Bumkins Grande Diaper Bag
    Most of us know Bumkins as a cloth diapering company, but they also make diaper bags!
    I love this one because there is such a huge Dr. Seuss comeback going on all over the place, who doesn't absolutely love it? Check out Bumkins Diaper Bags here
  • Petunia Pickle Bottom 5 of 13
    Petunia Pickle Bottom
    I love this diaper bag, it is like my dream diaper bag, and if I could ever con my husband into spending almost $200 on a diaper bag it would be mine.
    Alas, I don't ever see that happening!
    But this is like the nicest of the nice diaper bags! Don't you just love them? Check out Petunia Pickle Bottom here
  • OiOi Collection 6 of 13
    OiOi Collection
    I love the diaper bag in the photograph because it is available in organic cotton for those who are more environmentally conscious.
    But OiOi has all kinds of awesome diaper bag styles, prints, and even sales! Check out OiOi Collection here
  • Ju Ju Be Packabe 7 of 13
    Ju Ju Be Packabe
    I love the prints available for the Ju Ju Be diaper bags. They are hip, funky, and outside of the box... something I would totally use.
    They also have backpack style diaper bags which I find to be most convenient most of the time, especially if you have more than one child! Check out Ju Ju Be here
  • Coach Diaper Bags 8 of 13
    Coach Diaper Bags
    Heck I didn't even know that Coach actually made diaper bags until a friend of mine got one for Christmas from her husband.
    I think they are adorable, and stylish... would you want one? Check out Coach Diaper Bags here
  • Knappies on Etsy 9 of 13
    Knappies on Etsy
    How adorable is this handmade diaper bag I found on Etsy?
    I think my favorite feature of all is the handmade flower on the outside to give it just a bit of style.
    Not too much, but not too little! Just right for a mom! Check out Knappies on Etsy here
  • BagEnvy on Etsy! 10 of 13
    BagEnvy on Etsy!
    Another beautiful handmade find on Etsy! I love the coloring and design of the bag itself.
    It looks like it could be a designer bag itself, but for so much cheaper! Check out BagEnvy on Etsy here
  • Custom Made Diaper Bag from Glamour Girl Boutique on Etsy! 11 of 13
    Custom Made Diaper Bag from Glamour Girl Boutique on Etsy!
    At the Glamour Girl Boutique you can get your own custom diaper bag for your own needs! Check out GlamourGirlBoutique on Etsy here
  • Dwell Studio Owl Diaper Bag 12 of 13
    Dwell Studio Owl Diaper Bag
    Yup, my owl obsession is showing again, but how adorable is the bag itself?
    Dwell Studio also has a ton of other neat diaper bag designs though, so don't worry if you check them out you aren't stuck with owls! Check out Dwell Studio here
  • Kalencom Diaper Bags 13 of 13
    Kalencom Diaper Bags
    Retro, out of the box, funky, and of course great quality!
    The collection includes all different kinds of diaper bags. Some that are more toned down as well.
    They all look like great styles! Check out Kalencom here

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