Looks Like I've Got A "Lovie" Baby

My boy and his lovie frog. His face says it all.

Some weeks back, we were at the beach with my husbands family when my mother in law made the comment that Arlo loves having something in his hands. “He does?” I asked, totally surprised that I didn’t know¬†this fact about the¬†infant who had been glued to my side (almost literally!) for the last two months. Sure enough, she was right. He really loves to grab onto something, bring it to his mouth, and gum on it. It instantly soothes and entertains him.

Since we made this discovery, I’ve amassed quite a collection of soft little lovies. Most of them are small squares of blanket-like material with some sort of cute animal head attached to it. We’ve got ducks, monkeys, bears, frogs… you name it, I’ve probably got it in lovie form. What I find most interesting about his love of holding onto something is that it never even occurred to me to offer him one. My daughter never showed in any interest in the lovies we were given so I chalked them up as a useless baby item and never thought of them again.

I’m learning over and over again with Arlo to let go of my assumptions of what works. He and Everly are vastly different in what they have liked as infants. From music preferences, to bathtime…pacifiers to lovies… Arlo is reminding me that I need to offer him all sorts of different stimulation and toys and don’t cancel anything out just because his sister didn’t like it.

So lovies it is! Now lets just hope that he doesn’t decide that one of these suckers is his very favorite, there is no way I’m gonna be able to keep up with just one of them!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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