Losing Sleep Over Babies – Lots of It

If you’ve got a newborn, you know parenting isn’t always a dream. 

A recent study by Iftikhar Mirza, sleep scientist at Silentnight bed company, says that parents of infants miss out on 912 hours of much-needed sleep, based on a minimum of 5 hours a night, before their child turns 2.

Effectively, that’s six months worth of sleepless nights, in case you’re counting.

The Daily Mail reports that most parents clock “fewer than four hours a night as they get up countless times to feed or soothe the little one.”  12 percent of parents surveyed “get fewer than two and half hours” of shut-eye a night.  Ouch.

It’s no wonder, then, that “a third of new parents admit to arguing at least five times a week, a quarter of mothers say they suffer from mood swings and depression and a fifth say they are often irritated by their other half simply because they are so exhausted.”

Five percent of couples admit to having called it quits due to exhaustion.  I know in my own marriage, sleep deprivation certainly made a bad situation worse.  Experts recommend exercise and eating healthy as ways to try to combat the grumpiness that comes along with sleeplessness.  The only problem is, who has the energy to exercise when they’re sleep-deprived from taking care of an infant?  I know some Alpha Moms make it happen, but I never found the time.  I was too busy during those years working and performing, which is why now I get winded on stage during a particularly inspired freestyle.  It’s embarrassing to need a nap after a three minute rap, but maybe I can finally catch up on all those winks I missed.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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