Losing the Baby Weight: Slow and Steady

losing the baby weight: slow and steady // via Lauren Hartmann @ Babble
Back when I was childless and thin.

I went into pregnancy weighing 10 pounds more than my “happy weight.” It wasn’t a huge deal, because on my body frame I can actually hide 10-20 pounds fairly easily. And I had only planned on gaining the minimum 25 pounds that is recommended by the medical community. I recall thinking, “25 pounds is a lot of weight” and feeling like it was perfectly reasonable to assume I would only gain those 25 pounds.

Fast forward 9 months and I had gained a whopping 55 pounds. Definitely more than I should’ve, but a lot of it truly was baby. In the week after Fern’s birth, I lost 35 of those pounds. This left me with 20 pounds to lose to get back to pre-baby weight. but actually a total of 30 pounds if I wanted to get back to my “happy weight.” Then over the next 6 months, I gained back 10 of those pounds. Ugh. If you’re following my math, that means that I now needed to lose 40 pounds to get back to my “happy weight.” It seemed a little overwhelming and I kind of didn’t even feel like trying for awhile. But then, I realized that we all have to start somewhere and at that point I started Weight Watchers and headed back to the gym.

Over the past three months I’ve lost about 18 pounds. I still have about 20 more pounds go, which seems like a lot, but I’m getting there…slowly and steadily. I’m really learning to¬†appreciate¬†my body at every state, because it really is an amazing vessel and it allows me to do amazing things. It will never be perfect, but I think I’m ok with that now. I just want to get to a place where I feel healthy and comfortable in my own skin.

I’m also learning to listen to my body and what it needs. I could probably lose this weight at a quicker pace, but because I’m breastfeeding, I’ve had to be careful not to go crazy, because at one point my milk supply dropped when my calorie intake got too low. I slowed things down for a couple of weeks and now it’s back up and we’re doing well.

I just wanted to share my up-and-down journey to encourage other mamas who may be in my same boat. Losing the baby weight is hard work and a long journey. It’s nothing like the “Lose it in two weeks!” routine that seems to happen in Hollywood. Don’t get discouraged – it takes time! And even though you may have a lot to lose, we all have to start somewhere, myself included. You can do it, mamas! Listen to your bodies and get healthy for yourself and your little ones!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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