Love and Affection: The Sweetest Gift From my Baby Girl

b6fad62abe4b11e2892d22000a1fb72b_7I remember the first time Avery gave me a kiss. It was an afternoon that we had all to ourselves and she was sitting my lap being silly. I was showering her in kisses while she was giggling away.

After giving her too many kisses to count, I took my face away from hers and told her to give me a kiss. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and gave me the most wet and slobbery kiss right on my nose. She completely missed my mouth, and it resembled more of a lick than a kiss, but it was still one of my most fondest moments that we’ve ever had together.

That was the start of a very loving girl that would give me kisses whenever I asked. I’d give her a kiss and then ask for one in return only to get a big one just seconds later. It wasn’t just mama that she wanted to show the love to, Harlan and my husband would ask for kisses and she would run up to them with that toothless grin to lay a big sloppy one on their face.

Avery’s always been my outgoing little girl that wants to make everyone happy. I call her my little social butterfly because she will greet anyone no matter where we are. She loves to wave to people just to show you that she’s happy you’re here.

As much as she loves giving kisses, she would only give them when prompted. Usually it would start with me giving her one and then asking for one in return. That was until a couple of days ago when Avery gave me a surprise that just about made my heart explode.

I was in our kitchen preparing dinner while both girls were out in the living room playing with one another. As I was in the middle of cutting an onion Avery walks into the kitchen. She usually does this all the time to let me know that she wants some food, drink, or just for me to pick her up to hold her. But this time rather than walking in to get something, she simply comes up to me wraps her arms around my leg and plants the sweetest little kiss on my leg. It was complete with the “muah” sound effect and all. It wasn’t prompted, I didn’t give her one first, and she didn’t even ask for anything in return. She just wanted to show me that she loved me. Unsolicited love and affection from my 14-month-old baby girl.

As if the onions weren’t enough to make me cry, this little token of affection that Avery showed me had me in tears.

Happy tears.

For the thousands of kisses I’ve give her since she was born to show her how much I love her, it was just one kiss that she gave me that showed me how much she loves me in return.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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