Love, Marriage and Babies

Love, Marriage and Babies
Love, Marriage and Babies

My hubs and I have are celebrating our 13th anniversary today. 13 years. 4 children. Where the hell did time go?


I was only 19 when we married, he was 21. We were young and dumb, but most importantly in love. It’s worked out to be the fairytale I never knew I wanted.

Our marriage is by far NOT perfect. We’ve had several bumps – it’s been a ride.  What I find crazy though is while babies create distance between some people, with each new baby we welcome into our family – my husband and I grow closer.  The first year is always a rough one, we’re experiencing that again with our fourth. We now have 3 other kids that add to the madness of sleep deprivation and setting routines. But still I feel our marriage is stronger than ever – but why?

After our third, I realized what was happening with my husband and I during the baby’s first few months. We were working together to make something happen – which in this case was successfully raising a baby.  Our typical schedules involve us both working crazy hours. Between that and our family, the time for us was non-existent. But with a baby – we both have something we’re collaborating and communicating about on a consistent basis. We’re a team, that in turns keeps us connected and helps our marriage thrive.

Now, seeing that this fourth child is probably our last (at least that will biologically be ours) – we’re going to need to find other things to help keep our love alive and the fairy tale going.

Fairy tales aren’t always happy. There  are twists and turns – but one thing I hope stays consistent with whatever life throws us – is the happily ever after. It will just be our happily ever after.

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