Making A Birthday Banner

A month-by-month banner hung above the birthday cake!

I already showed you photos from Cullen’s first birthday party earlier, but I thought it would be fun to share a bit more on some of the details. I’m not the craftiest mom on the block, but I do my best and I recognize my limits. I knew that I would need to keep it really simple.

The main craft project I did for the party was a month-by-month photo banner. A few weeks before the big day, I picked my favorite photos from each month and ordered prints online. I’m a pretty hardcore procrastinator, so the fact that I did this ahead of time was somewhat miraculous.

Here’s how the banner came together…

Once the photos arrived, I headed to Michael’s for cardstock, glue, and twine. I traced a big triangle and cut out twelve of the same size. Then I cut 12 more triangles that were about 1/2 inch smaller all around, in order to create the layered look. Finally, I cut one more triangle – about 1/2 inch smaller again – and used it as a template to cut the photos.  I set the triangle on top of each photo in order to determine the best placement for cutting (and keeping the photo centered). Once all the photos were cut, I glued all the triangles together!

A few days before the party, I strung the banner using thin twine strung through holes made with a mini hole punch. It was actually much easier than I originally imagined. I love the way it turned out, and I’m sitting here ten days later, typing from the kitchen counter with the banner still hanging directly above me. My husband keeps asking when I’m going to take it down. I’m ignoring him.

Here are the individual photos I used for the banner, as well as a larger version of the final product!

  • Day 1 1 of 13
    Day 1
    Just a few minutes old!
  • 1 month 2 of 13
    1 month
    Even at just a month he was already starting to crack a slight smile.
  • 2 months 3 of 13
    2 months
    I did photoshoots with him in his pack n play almost every day at that age. So much smaller when he couldn't run away!
  • 3 months 4 of 13
    3 months
    Even though this was so long ago, I remember this day really well. He woke up with such rosy cheeks, and they stayed that way all day!
  • 4 months 5 of 13
    4 months
    It's crazy how blonde he looked back then. Babies change so much over the first year!
  • 5 months 6 of 13
    5 months
    I remember him cracking up for these photos. I had to be careful since he was close to the edge of the couch!
  • 6 months 7 of 13
    6 months
    This was right after he mastered crawling - my first photoshoot where I had to worry about him scooting away from me!
  • 7 months 8 of 13
    7 months
    Look who is standing! He still plays with that little still all the time, many months later.
  • 8 months 9 of 13
    8 months
    Nothing better than taking pictures outside in the summer sun!
  • 9 months 10 of 13
    9 months
    Hard to believe this was summer - pants and long sleeves. Seattle is so unpredictable!
  • 10 months 11 of 13
    10 months
    Pictures got a lot trickier once he had started walking. Lens caps became critical distractions to help keep him in once place!
  • 11 months 12 of 13
    11 months
    These are some of my favorite photos of him. The lighting and mood were so perfect that day.
  • The final product 13 of 13
    The final product
    All pieced together and strung up with twine! Hung above the birthday cake (and still hanging ten days later...).

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