Making Any Hotel Room Safe for Your Baby

We love to travel as a family, and we have traveled both times we adopted our daughters, and had both of them in our care in a hotel or guest house situation. We’ve also traveled internationally and domestically with Zinashi, and we intend to continue to take trips as a family now that Elvie is here.

Zinashi has always been the more cautious type, so when we took custody of her in Ethiopia, we didn’t have to do too much to the guest house room to make it safe for her, and each time we’ve traveled, it’s been fairly easy. This is partly because she came to us as an older toddler, but mostly a function of her personality. I don’t think Elvie will be the same way. She is already trying to get into everything, and once she’s mobile, we’ll have our hands full trying to keep her out of things she’s not supposed to get into.

Luckily, as a nanny I had lots of experience taking care of children in travel situations, so I’ve thought long and hard about what it would take to make a room safe for someone who’s a little bit mischievous. We can’t bring every single baby proofing item with us when we travel, so I’ve figured out ways to make things safe without packing a lot of extra stuff. In fact, there’s just one extra things I recommend packing.

What I’m about to tell you might sound funny, but hear me out. The item I recommend you pack for baby-proofing is painter’s tape. That’s it. Just painter’s tape. It can cover any outlet, no matter where in the world you are. It can hold window blind cords aloft where your child can’t reach them. It can be wadded up and shaped to make the sharpest corners rounded. It can be looped through cabinet door pulls to make them hard to open. Then, because it’s designed to be removed, it will come off with no one the wiser.

Beyond packing and using your painter’s tape, I recommend using the furniture in the hotel room and your luggage to further baby proof the room. If there are balcony doors that are easy to open, but a coffee table or desk in front. If there’s a corner that has too many unsafe possibilities, use your suitcases to block it off. Take a photo of what the room looks like before you move the furniture, and then move it to suit your family’s safety needs. Before you check out, move it back.

In addition to moving furniture, also feel free to move anything else that could harm your baby. Put items that will tip or break easily into the closet or close them into the bathroom. Stow away anything that has parts that could be choked on. And then relax. You probably won’t be spending the whole trip in the hotel room, so even if you don’t get it just right, your baby will still be just fine.

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