Making Spit Up a Little More Adorable.

I never quite understood those single ply napkin sized burp cloths that came in 10 packs. Addie wasn’t a very spitty baby and it still took all ten to keep up with her dribble and drool. Especially when it came time for (dramatic music *DUM DUM DUM*) teething. I ended up using white cloth diapers as burp cloths with her and they worked well.

Except that every one looked the same. White. Boring. Dangerous.

Why dangerous?

When they all look the same one can be left playing burp cloth roulette wondering which of the two in front of you is clean and which one caught the huge spit up pile earlier in the day. Guess wrong and your hand (and your baby) are going to be stinky. And very unhappy. (Yeah, sure the dirty one *should* have gone in the laundry. And I should have showered today and eaten more than a bowl of oatmeal, but we don’t judge here okay?)

I became very good at shopping from my couch while pregnant and one of my favorite places to dream was etsy. One night I had my list of “things to get” and on it was new burp cloths. Out of curiosity I tapped ‘burp cloth’ into the search bar on etsy.

Lesson learned: Curiosity on etsy will either leave you deeply scarred or cause you to spend an inordinate amount of money on darling little things whose sole purpose in life is to clean up spit and barf.

But guess what? We have yet to get the gross dirty cloths confused with the fresh clean ones. Not to mention I’m able to leave them scattered about my house where feedings may take place because look! They’re ADORABLE! It’s really the little things that make life a lovelier, even when it comes to bodily fluids.

Nothing makes a 4 am feeding better than wiping your baby’s mouth with tiny little hedgehogs wearing lederhosen.

(Hand dyed burp cloths available from Sew Brookstone on Etsy.)

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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