Mama Said There’d Be Days Like These

Woe is Her. Woe is Me.

Sinus cold. Full on. Earache, oh – hello. Innocent baby with reflux who gets hit with painful, wail inducing gas if I consume anything other than white rice and chicken? Over here. Insomnia? Sure! Why not?

Oh, but my baby girl is smiling, really smiling now! So, who cares about all that other stuff anyways?

I swear there’s some kind of magic effing invisible tasers that babies send off, else most of us normal humans would ram their head through a wall by now. In dealing with days (upon days), like these.

This elimination diet? It sucks the big one. Giving up caffeine? WHATEVER. Crown me a bad mommny then, because yes- I am complaining about giving up all sorts of delicious (and nutritious) food, not to mention the few vices I have left indulge in.

Update on What I Can’t Have…

First, I want to thank all of you readers who have been so helpful with sharing your stories of support, words of advice and reviews on both different homeopathic and pharmaceutical medicines. We are beginning colic calm on Wednesday, (we have to drive out of town to get it.  Oh T-dot how I miss you and your accessibility).

It’s become woefully obvious that it makes a world of difference on Lil’ Abners reflux if I abstain from all dark leafy greens, all nightshade vegetables (so pretty much everything except carrots and corn and potatoes. Joy). Add to that beans and legumes, cabbage – basically anything that would give me gas, obviously will give her gas. Can’t forget the caffeine. Nope, I’ll never stop kvetching about that.

Through all of my variable sources of support, I have heard of worse. Friends of friends who have gone a whole year without all of that and more! Gluten, wheat and dairy. Well, crown them shining goddess mothers of the year then, because holy hell – I could not do it. As much as I want to breastfeed Abby, self-sacrificing to that point I guess I am not.

It looks as though I will be cooking for my family and making separate meals for myself most of the time, I can’t really subject them to my meager diet. (By meager I mean lack of variety and nutrients). Something I am trying to get positive about. Since I love cooking. Perhaps some of you mama’s have special elimination diet recipes to share? Even better yet, how about some magic spells to banish this horrendous thing called reflux? Boo. Hiss.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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