15 Hilarious Man Babies

man babies
Get your LOL on with these 15 hilarious man baby photos!

Talk about the ultimate photo mash-up just in time for Father’s Day.

Take the dad’s head and Photoshop it on to the baby’s body. Take the baby’s head and Photoshop it onto the dad’s body. What do you get? You get a hilarious internet meme – known Man Babies!

The results are hilarious and freakish at the same time.  The man baby to the left – yes, that’s my Zeke.

Be prepared to laugh with these 15 hilarious man babies: 

  • Muscles 1 of 15
    "Make me cry and I will crush you!"
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  • Hold me 2 of 15
    Hold me
    "Daddy does this necklace make me look tough?"
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  • Looking cool in shades 3 of 15
    Looking cool in shades
    "Daddy, you can be my wing man."
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  • Playing in the sand 4 of 15
    Playing in the sand
    "Now Daddy don't go to far, the tide is coming in."
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  • Catch me if you can 5 of 15
    Catch me if you can
    "Don't run from me Daddy!"
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  • Game Boy 6 of 15
    Game Boy
    "No Daddy, it's not yoru turn."
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  • Share your chips 7 of 15
    Share your chips
    "No Daddy, these have too many carbs for you."
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  • Baby Grandpa! 8 of 15
    Baby Grandpa!
    "Grandpa, you look cute in pink."
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  • Manbaby with tattoos 9 of 15
    Manbaby with tattoos
    "Don't cry Grandpa"
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  • The baby giant 10 of 15
    The baby giant
    "Let's try that word again, daddy"
    image source:
  • Soccer loving man baby 11 of 15
    Soccer loving man baby
    "Say Cheese!"
    image source:
  • Sumo man baby 12 of 15
    Sumo man baby
    "Don't make drop you!"
    image source:
  • Feed me 13 of 15
    Feed me
    "Here comes the airplane!"
    image source:
  • Out for a hike 14 of 15
    Out for a hike
    "Now stay with me Daddy."
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  • Carry me baby 15 of 15
    Carry me baby
    "Dad you are getting heavy."
    image source:

Check out the hilarious blog,  Man Babies to see hundred of others.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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