Meet My Baby Daughter’s ‘Crazy Thumb’

iStock_000000675475SmallWhen you meet my baby daughter, you meet her ‘Crazy Thumb’ first – or rather it meets you. There’s nothing abnormal about her thumb or its function, it’s how she uses it. As soon as you have my daughter in your arms, out comes her right thumb straight to your eyeball, then into your ear, gently across your cheeks, and chin, and then despite your best deflection – straight up your nose.

I have two baby daughters right now actually. One is 4 months old and the other is 8 months. I won’t tell you which baby it is (you’re welcome, teenage daughters of my future) but if you ever get to meet them, you’ll experience Crazy Thumb straight away. Remember the order – eyes, ears, cheeks, chin, then nose. It’s always the same. Crazy Thumb has many talents like poaching blueberries, inverting the nipple of her bottles, and ripping diapers off in one fell swoop. Most of the time, though, Crazy Thumb is on a surface swaying and dancing. The stroller tray, kitchen table, coffee table, floor – there is no escaping Crazy Thumb.

Crazy Thumb is most active when the rest of my daughter is falling asleep. In fact, the consensus around my home is that my daughter can’t fall asleep without Crazy Thumb making the trip up and around the face of whomever is feeding her a bottle. There’s a completely different routine for this. First, there’s a dance on her bottle and then it jabs under your chin for a while.

After months of fighting it, I’ve come to terms with Crazy Thumb and I let it do its thing. Anyone else’s baby have a quirk like this?

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